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  1. What's right with wrestling right now

    Right this is my first ever attempt at a blog so apologies in advance if it is poor. Right i have seen a lot of blogs with people complaining about things that are wrong so I am going to talk about all the good things at the moment.


    Personally this is the most entertaining fued on Raw at the moment you have Laurinaitis ...
  2. A New Perspective on the Cena Heel Turn

    Hey Everyone. Thank you again for reading my blogs. Earlier this week, I talked about what's happening with Cena and I touched on TNA a bit. I'll do more of both in this one.

    I'm going to add a new perspective on the John Cena heel turn, or not heel turn, depending on what unfolds over the course of the next few months. There's been a lot of blogs and speculation about Cena recently. ...
  3. Is Daniel Bryan Ready To Be A World Champion?

    Amongst the huge discussion with John Cena and his possible heel turn, I've decided to throw another topic of discussion into the mix. I'll probably be doing more of these blogs focusing on one wrestler, depending on how they are received. So let's kick things off with my current favorite wrestler in WWE, Daniel Bryan.

    One question I see going around the IWC is "Mr. ...

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  4. John Cena is NOT turning Heel

    Why are so many people posting about John Cena turning heel??

    Every PPV that comes up, and every small event that happens to him, I see so many blogs saying
    "I think Cena is going to turn heel on Sunday"
    "This is definitely leading to a Cena heel turn"
    "Cena turn heel, it's about to happen"

    No. This won't happen for a ...

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  5. Top 5 Epic Failures in Wrestling History

    Hey Splashers. In this edition on the Splash, we take a look people who were some of the brightest stars in the business, but for one reason or another fell short. This is a hard top 5 for me, as many of these people in this list are some of my all time favorite faces in wrestling. Most top 5’s takes a ...
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  6. The Most Famous Wrestling Tragedies in History, Part 3:

    Here we are again with part 3 of my long blog. Again we are going from birth date in the lists and will be going from past to recent. ( or though we should). I hope I didn't bore any of you to death, but in light of recent things happening in my own life, I wanted to do a blog like this. So here we go again.

    Counting Down The Most Famous Pro Wrestling Tragedies:

    Bruiser ...
  7. The importance of commentary

    hey guys, IrishWrestleFan here,
    ok so il get right to the point, when growing up watching wresting i was pretty ignorant to the fact of how important commentary was to the company, and i didnt appreciate it as much as i should off.
    during the attitude era the awesome duo of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler was second to none. When sitting at home watching Monday night Raw or smackdown, their ...
  8. Top 20 Wrestlers in WWF history to have never won the belt: #15-11

    For the previous entry in this series, wrestlers 20-16, check out my member profile links.

    15. Ravishing Rick Rude
    Closest he ever came: SummerSlam, August '90

    Unlike many other of the names on this list, in relation to the waxing and waning of Hogan's runs with the belt, Rude's timing couldn't have been better. After making his debut with the company shortly after ...

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  9. Blog Wars Episode 5: Top 5 Ladder/TLC Matches in Wrestling History

    Welcome to the 5th episode of Blog Wars. This week The Hit Man will defend against The_Crippler. So let's see the list

    Top 5 Ladder/TLC Matches

    In honor of TLC the contestants will pick the best Ladder or TLC matches in history based on what they think is important.


    I Know that the Hardys, E&C and Dudleys ...
  10. The Most Famous Wrestling Tragedies in History, Part 2:

    After some trial and error, I am back with the second part of my blog of wrestling tragedies. As you may have noticed, I did not list these by importance, but by birth date of the wrestler(s) in question forming a time line if you will. You will also notice that each part has old and new wrestlers - somewhat. Now that I've explained that, lets move on with the blog.

    Counting Down The ...

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