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  1. WWE TLC 2011 Review

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again. We're coming off what was in my opinion a really good ppv so without further ado...

    Match #1 - U.S. Title - Dolph Ziggler (c.) vs. Zack Ryder
    Ladies and gentlemen Zack Ryder has finally arrived. Say what you want but this man deserves every bit of it and I for one am glad to see him given the opportunity he's fought for the entire ...

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  2. What's next for the World Heavyweight Champion?

    We just witnessed Daniel Bryan successfully defending his Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase, so what is next?

    1. What happened at TLC?
    Okay Mark Henry has waited a long 15 years to win a World Champion and he did exact that at Night of Champions against Randy Orton (winning clean) and has been dominant since, but then after a long feud Big Show defeated him thus winning the ...

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  3. Top 5 stale wrestlers/ Top 5 hardest workers in the ring

    First off lets talk about the top 5 stalest wrestlers. When i say stale i mean wrestlers who do the same thing over and their gimmick is up.

    5. Triple HH- thier is a very good reason he is practically on the shelf. First he is old we all know that. Second he does the same 4 moves every match and you can just about everytime predict when these are gonna happen.

    4. Mark ...
  4. TLC and Royal Rumble Predictions

    Ok so i might be a little off the mark here, but this is my thoughts on what might happen at the next 2 PPV's from WWE. Winners in bold and explanations below

    WWE Championship Triple Threat TLC Match:
    CM Punk (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz
    -No-brainer for Punk to win this, ADR is on the decline recently and his limited mic skills and persona have really been evidenced ...
  5. 10 Changes WWE Should Make In 2012

    A new year brings changes for every person, changes should also apply to the WWE. Everyone agrees a better divas division, longer matches, Cena heel turn. I'm thinking more in depth. Here are 10 things in my opinion the WWE should make to further improve the product.

    10. Teddy Long needs to go- Don't get me wrong, i love Long, but he has been on and off Smackdown since mid 2000's. I ...
  6. My Favourite WWE 2011 Moments

    Hey guys. TBH this year has had some bad writing and bad promos and some general can't get any worse moments. But its also had some good times. I just want to put a list of the moments when I was reminded why I love wrestling. If it was possible to chop raw up on my sky player (like tivo for the UK) and save parts the list would be bigger but going back 52 weeks is hard from memory. Dont wanna go ...
  7. TLC 2011 Predictions

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again with my TLC Predictions. This'll be my 2nd prediction blog, and I didn't do half bad last time so lets see how I do this time. Without further ado...

    Match #1 - U.S. Title: Dolph Ziggler (c.) vs. Zack Ryder
    Well I think that given the right amount of time this match can be pretty good. People want to say Ryder isn't that great in ...
  8. The Top Ten WWE Most Pointless Title Reigns of 2010

    Here I am once again to give you some pointless title reigns. Note, I take a total of how well they did as a champion, how many title reigns, and how much they made the title look worse. Sit back, relax and look at my top ten most pointless reigns of 2010.

    10. Bret Hart - United States Championship:

    Now, I don't want it to seem like I am hating on Bret Hart. He is amazing ...
  9. CM Punk Overated?

    I recently wrote a blog about CM Punk and Randy Orton, The Blog was focusing on how They put down the Rocks involvement at Wrestlemania 28 every chance they get. and In return makes them look jealouse, Bitter and inferior. Not to mention Down right pathic cause they are so consumed by this subject... but I noticed Alot of Punk fans had some valid points and some just really, really overated him. ...

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  10. Getting A Reaction

    If you’re a heel you want to hear boo’s whereas if you’re a face you want to hear cheers. At the moment the Mid carders (besides Zack Ryder and one or two others) tend too not get much of a reaction so in this blog I will be discussing how some of the wrestlers can get a reaction and why they don’t get a reaction.

    High flyers
    People such as Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and Jeff Hardy ...

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