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  1. Cena/Rock Promos: Catchphrases, Jealousy, and Twitter

    Since I've not been at home this week I've not been able to catch the full episode of Raw. I did, however, catch the highlights on, and I wanted to give my views on the popular topic of the week; The Rock and John Cena's promos.

    John Cena's promo

    I said this in my blog from last week, but I'll say it again for the sake of a fair argument. He cut a great promo, ...

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  2. Destroy the Tag Division - A Possible Rescue

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first Blog so please feel free to leave feedback and comments.

    I would like to re visit a topic I feel has been repeatedly covered by different people saying the exact same thing. This topic is the WWE Tag Team Division.

    Now I would firstly like to thank everyone who has ever posted a blog on this topic. I think that you all have pointed
  3. The Verbal Attitude Era

    Been thinking for a while about what to add to the mix regarding the Wrestlemania build up without repeating other really good blogs/comments etc…. so thought I’d talk about what I’d like to call the birth of the Verbal Attitude Era.

    We are all aware of how over recent years the WWE have continually blurred the edges between reality and fantasy and I think this has been out of respect ...
  4. WWE: Failed Top 10 World Title Changes

    Whats up blog readers! Ever get that feeling where you don't believe a World Title change should have occurred during a match or if a wrestler shouldn't have booked to win it? Well today, I want to count down the list of top 10 World Title wins that should not have changed hands in the first place. Lets get started!

    #10: Big Show wins the WWE Title at Survivor Series 1999
    Since ...

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  5. Rebirth of the Tag Division

    Second blog on here, so here goes my thoughts on this tag team match from Raw last night.

    This tag team match is something that a lot of us have been craving for. A rebirth of the tag team division. (For those who didn't see the triple threat match for the titles, check it out)

    This did 3 things that very well could rebirth this entirely lost division.

    1. Legitimizes ...
  6. Cena's Promo vs Rock's Promo

    Hey guys, StratZ- here for my 2nd EWN blog. Before i get started, I really hope Knox is out there reading this. I'm a big fan of your blogging and would like to know your feedback on this!

    Before i get into this topic, Gah that episode went way past its due time. Went over 15 minutes. I'm fine with it going over for like 5 minutes, but it just bugged me that it went over that long.
  7. The Splash: If Cena, Orton, Punk, and Sheamus all left the WWE.

    What if Cena, Orton, Punk, and Sheamus all Left the WWE.

    Hello Splashers. Today we are going to try something a bit different. Rather than use the typical “Top 5” I am going to start using another concept called “What If”. Let’s imagine for a moment that several people had ...

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  8. Wrestlemania Season: Reality Era?

    *Note: Credit to DUBS for the label "Reality Era".

    Three of the four already announced matches are taking a noticable turn towards the same direction: Realism. I don't mean "no kayfabe", but more in the sense of "shoot" statements thrown into regular promos. Let's go example by example.

    Chris Jericho vs CM Punk (C) for the WWE Championship ...
  9. Adam Copeland - Rated R career

    With the hall of fame coming up it got me thinking about edge's career and how amazing his career truly was.

    After debuting in 1998 as a loner walking the city streets attacking random people, he started rather dismally but still looking impressive, after his summerslam debut where he teamed and won as sables mystery tag partner he began a feud with gangrel and his soon to be revealed ...
  10. Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts The Good, The Bad, and The Indifferent

    Hello everyone, another Monday has come and passed and needless to say, the forums are ablaze after the Rock/Cena promo to end Raw. With that, it is time for another edition of Uncooked!

    The Indifferent

    Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk 3/Teddy Long Johnny A feud
    Hear me out on this. I will always enjoy any time these two step in to the ring together, but this is the third time ...

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