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  1. Thank you Miami

    This blog is gunna be short and sweet and really is just a shout out basically but oh well i feel they deserve it.

    Watching Wresltemania and Raw last night made me realize how great a WWE audience Miami is, perfect host for wrestlemania. The crowd was so amped all night for mania even with some lackluster matches they still were a great crowd. And Monday nights Raw? All I can say is ...
  2. Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

    It has been 24 hours since Wrestlemania, and with that, the fallout from Wrestlemania on Monday Night Raw has come to a close. There were surprises, debuts, proclamations, and shocking returns!!!!!!!! Lets get right into it shall we?

    The Bad

    Actually guys, and I might catch a lot of heat from this..I don't think there was anything bad on Raw. Reviewing all of the matches ...
  3. Yes Yes Yes? The Raw Review

    And I thought WrestleMania was great…

    I expected something special from the fallout of WrestleMania, but tonight’s Raw was truly epic. I expected a great Rocky speech (which we got), and I expected Jericho/Punk to continue (which we got), but a Brock Lesnar return was a great shock to me. Many of those reading this probably expected it from reading Ryan Clark’s updates on this
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  4. My thoughts on Wrestlemania: Ratings match by match

    Match #1 Daniel Bryan (c) vs Sheamus: World Heavyweight Title Match


    Going into wrestlemania, in fact, hell, immediately after Elimination Chamber I knew Sheamus would be winning the World title against Daniel Bryan. However, I was hoping for a much better match. Both Sheamus and Daniel Bryan are both excellent wrestlers and were worthy of a lengthy ...
  5. The Wrestling Backfire: Ranking From Worst to Best Wrestlemania Matches and More

    Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan: Poor Daniel Bryan. He didn’t even have time to shine at the biggest stage of them all. I’m all for realism in wrestling, but this was the wrong time. If they were going to do this, they should’ve took the kiss of death out of this match, so it didn’t look like a fluke. People were also pro-Daniel Bryan and anti-Sheamus so it kind of backfired on WWE and didn’t
  6. Wrestlemaina 28 Rewind!

    What up everyone, Kid Contra here! Now that WM28 is in the record books, I kust wanted to take a brief look back, so I may share my thoughts and opinions on the event. Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions as well, I love to read everyone's comments.

    World Heavyweight Championship <strong>
    Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan (C)
  7. Wrestlemania XXVIII: Thoughts and Review

    So we've had the build up, the expectation, the excitement and the actual event. It's now time to get views on what we all thought about the whole extravaganza! So here are mine...

    World Heavyweight Championship match: Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
    Well what can I say! I was looking forward to that match and was completely shocked when I saw Sheamus walk out...opening the show! The ...

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  8. Kurt Angle has Always been Right About 'Mania

    While I cannot find an exact quote from the master of Twatter, it goes something like this. "I won at Wrestlemania! That counts twice!" And Kurt Angle is correct if not underselling it. This quote symbolizes exactly how I feel about two of the best matches on the card last night--the Winner will forever be the better man. The losers of these matches will never, EVER be able to make the fans ...

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  9. Mike's Mania Musings!

    The build up to Wreslemania, certainly throughout March was one of the best roads to Wrestlemania I have seen and it made me very excited about Wrestlemania 28 - maybe too excited because post Wrestlemania, options for feuds and title changes seem limited. Old school wrestling psychology dictates that when a Babyface wins a high profile championship match follwing a lengthy series of promo's ...
  10. Wrestlemania Rundown

    Longtime reader, 1st time blogger. I thought I'd give it a lash and see what you guys think of my thoughts on the i'll dive right in.

    D Bryan vs Sheamus
    Was looking forward to this match, when sheamus hit the ring am thinking good start to what should be an awesome show, there seemed to be a massive D Bryan following in the front of the crowd, but before I could turn ...

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