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  1. One Of The Best Crowds In Wrestling: New York

    Just to get this out of the way, i have two points to address in the beginning and one at the end:
    1) I am new to blogging and would love any creative and constructing advice on what i should do for future blogs.
    2) In this blog, I never will say that New York has the best wrestling crowds ever. The point of this blog is to show everybody that the crowd is so important in wrestling and ...

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  2. WBC Top 5 Series #4: Top 5 Turns

    What is up everybody! It is time for another edition of WBC Top 5 Series. This week, the champ, RatedATB takes on a new comer to blogging, Tommy Thunder. For those that don't know Tommy, he is one of the owners of EWNCW which is one of EWN's top efeds. This should definitely be ...
  3. My Apologies to Tony Schiavone

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I'm hear to do a blog apologizing for my comments made a very long time ago against Tony Schiavone. I did a blog on the best & worst announcers of all time and I had Tony listed as the worst commentator ever and I have to apologize for that.

    If anyone wants to check out that blog, the link is below. I did that blog June 2, 2011 so it was quite ...

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  4. Whats Going On In Prowrestling

    I'm Gonna look at some of the News, Rumors and Talked about Issues in Wrestling today. So Here it Goes

    Hulk Hogan Says WWE is Worried About His TNA Role
    Today Hulk Hogan Claimed On Twitter that The WWE is threaten by his Involvement in TNA. Here's what

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  5. WrestleMania In England!

    Now i am an English wrestling fan so obviously this is a bias view! However in this blog i hope to argue my point and show to non believers why it would be a good idea and fairly practical to hold Wrestlemania 31 or after at Wembley Stadium in England!

    First of all i would like to explain that it is not the old Wembley stadium that Summerslam 92 was held in but this is a fairly new stadium ...
  6. $hazBlog: Booking the Divas Champion (Part 1)

    Layla's return had me thinking, where is her reign gonna lead? Are we gonna witness her add prestige to the belt? Well this is my booking! If probably won't happen, I'll write it anyway!


    Over the Limit: Layla (c) vs Aksana - Divas Champion match
    Eve sets up a match for Aksana has her 'gift', no build up ...

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  7. The Greatest Tag Teams in WWF/E history

    Hey there wrestling fans. After enjoying many of your posts for so long, I thought it was high time I started posting some of my own. I was gonna start with my favourite wrestlers, but after WWE's list of greatest tag teams, I thought I'd list my own. I have been watching Wrestling for as long as I can remember (early 80's) and am only going to list the teams I remember and why (sorry Blackjacks). ...

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  8. How to Regain a Loyal Fan

    4) I want to see less “Show” and more “Action Packed Event!”

    I asked a question in my last blog. When was the last time you felt that you had just seen wrestling history on a Monday Night RAW? That was a trick question. The prelude to that question clearly states that Raw is disqualified. Raw is not a wrestling program. I will elaborate on this in section 10 but where the ...
  9. The Perfect Wrestling Video Game

    This Christmas i was VERY excited to play WWE 12 because it was my first wrestling game in a while. Instead, what i got was a horrible thing called "predator engine" and a game where online users abuse 2 moves and win cheap. Also, the fact that no other mode in that game is playable is beyond me. That's when i realized how a perfect wrestling game would be.

    BTW: This is not ...

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  10. Countdown to the best Theme Music

    I know, Theme songs get done every week here! I want to introduce myself, a long time lurker, now posting my first blog.

    With the return of Brock Lesnar and his INTIMIDATING theme music, it got me thinking to what makes a GREAT theme song. Now I might be bias, but I HATE the way the E has started to use songs with lyrics just so they can sell them on Itunes. Im a fan of the wordless ...

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