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  1. Blog Wars 24: Top 5 Underutalized Talents Today

    Welcome back to another episode of Blog Wars. Last week, the winner did not respond to any of my PMs so I had to find someone new to take his place. If you have no intention of doing multiple Blog Wars lists, then please do not waste my time. Only ask to be on the show if you are serious. This week bearkg88 will take on The Hit Man, now let's see the list....

    Top 5 Underutilized ...
  2. PPV's the WWE should drop and bring back

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I wanted to talk about a huge issue within the WWE as of late and that's been the large number of PPV's. With Raw transitioning into 3 hours, the upcoming WWE Network and such, there have been concerns of how their going to fill in that 3 hour slot and make the PPV's interesting.

    As many folks will agree, WWE has too many damn PPV's. I truly feel ...

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  3. Macho Madness #3:End Of An Era!: It Is Time To Step Up And Make A Name!!!

    Hey Everyone. Before I start my blog, I will like to begin saying that this blog talks about a bunch of topics. I called this blog an end of an era because I want to address a topic that many bloggers talk about a lot. While enjoy and make sure to comment after you read my blog. Enjoy your blogging experience everyone.

    Week In Review
    I know it might not be the end of the week ...
  4. Why I'm a CM Punk mark.

    CM Punk fan boy
    Of course with all the fame and success you and your fans have always wished for, CM Punks supposed devoted fans have turned on him because he has apparently sold out to the 'machine' and become a 'corporate sell out' or whatever the term is. His accusation are as follows: stale promos, isn't good as he used to be, ain't doing what he promised, would be better as a face etc... ...

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  5. The @JoeyRyanOnline Storyline is NOT a Work (ZoI)

    Since microphones are scarce in the blog-world, we can just call that a type-bomb rather than a pipe-bomb

    I made the bold statement in the title because of one simple reason: the story line is too good, too smart, and too ballsy for TNA. We really need to consider everything that would be put into this story line if it is a work. It would really be quite remarkable. Even if TNA came ...

    This a Review of the WWF's UK PPV titled One Night Only. This PPV took place in 1997, The peak of The Hart Foundation storyline, The beginning of The DX Formation and in the middle of the Undertaker Shawn Michaels rivalry (just before Hell in the Cell).... This PPV is loaded from top to bottom with Great matches so I wont waste any time and we will get to the action.

    Dude ...
  7. Money In The Bank and 1000th Episode of Raw

    Hey wrestling fans. The Saviour here with a breakdown of sorts as we have started what is to be a monumental month in WWE history. We had the live, 4th of July, Great American Bash episode of Smackdown. *say that 5 times fast*. We have Money In The Bank in another week. Then we have the 1000th episode of Raw 8 days later.

    What I want to do here is breakdown a few things as we look both ...

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  8. Who Was Better Special: Best of the '90s

    In the previous edition of ‘Who Was Better’ I asked who the superior talent was: Kurt Angle or Bret Hart?

    You voted and your winner was…BRET ‘THE HITMAN’ HART with a 25 votes, compared to Angle’s 10.


    The nineties saw a huge transition in wrestling. In just one decade, WCW became the superior wrestling promotion, all before a series of poor decisions ...
  9. The pg era could work!!!

    Hi, this is my first blog, some of you will hate it some may like it, but hopefully you may take some of what i say on board.

    I am 31, i started watching wrestling, here in the UK, when i was around 7 or 8, my dad still remembers me trying to replicate Randy Savages elbow drop from the top of my bunk beds onto my friends in the street. i have watched the WWF/WWE since. I loved the attitude ...
  10. WWE Classics Ondemand Review: World tour 1992

    This a Review Of a WWF Coliseum Video release that is currently showing on WWE Classics OnDemand. this Review is of WWF World Tour 1992.... this Review will be complete with match star ratings.

    So Lets Begin

    We Start off with some Cheap 1990's Computer graphics and we go to are host for this Video Release, The Late Lord Alford Hayes, He gives us a quick run down ...

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