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  1. Top 4 PPVs of 2011 (WWE and Impact)

    Alright this is my first blog so go easy on the bashing.

    1. Money in the Bank- The Punk promo got everyone excited about this and no one knew how the match would end. The fact that they tried both the screw-job and cash in endings made it better. The money in the bank matches were pretty good also. I liked Smackdown's better because it was much harder to predict and a better match ...
  2. Larger Wrestlers = Intimidating?

    I'll begin with elaborating with what I personally believe is one of the fundamentals of wrestling the gags and looks, now I hate to use the same people as examples but take Jeff Hardy and imagine him without his gag his looks and his high-flying capabilities. Sabu would be more prominent if that was the case if you remember back to when Jeff Hardy was the Intercontinental Champion that suited him ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  3. WWE & TNA: Underused Talent.

    Siracul in, hope everything's fine peeps.
    So i was thinking to myself, what would be a good subject to write a blog about ? And I thought of a classic subject... Underused talents.
    Sure tons of people write about this subject, so I'll just try to add a little bit of me into what I'm writing and I hope you'll enjoy it
    In every Episode I will talk about two underused talents, ...

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  4. The Three Stooges: Rounding out Triple H's 'regime' as on-screen Chairman

    I know I am not the only person talking about this topic and I really want to get my two cents in, so here it goes. Triple H is expected to be the new TV authority figure of the WWE, so we all suspect/believe at least. So with John 'Johnny Ace' Laurinaitis appearing on screen twice now and having an article and apology written about him as 'McMahon's stooge', one has to think where this will go for ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  5. What can make WWE even better?

    There are a variety of things that can really improve the product we are currently watching.

    1. Go after some more athletic Divas. What happened to the Days of finding women like Lita and Chyna and Trish Status? Where did we find these women. Watching scandalous women can be really boring. This is why they brought in Kharma from TNA but what happened? She got preggo.

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  6. They will win the title one day/Wade Barret

    First blog post!

    Wade Barret is a great wrestler and will obviously win the title one day, but you cant expect for the WWE to put a strap on somebody so soon. Every legend in recent memory worked mid card for YEARS before they got their first shot.

    *These numbers are not accurate but very close estimates

    The Rock: Almost two to three years before winning ...
  7. The big 5 PPVs for WWE, not 4!

    Ah Money in the Bank. Last night saw a PPV that had major storyline movements and kept the wrestling community wondering what will happen on the next Raw and Smackdown. I believe now that WWE have their 5th major PPV of the year, but i'll get to that statement after a recap of probably the PPV of the year.

    First off, we opened up with a great win for Daniel Bryan in the Smackdown Money ...
  8. Why CM Punk Must Not Appear on Monday Night RAW!

    Credit goes to the WWE creative team for seizing the opportunity to go against convention and, for at least one night, embrace the chaos theory that makes wrestling so special when pulled off so flawlessly. We were outwitted time and time again, just in the span of five minutes. From the Montreal Screwjob that didn’t happen, to the Cena grandstand that didn’t pay off, to the Alberto Del Rio angle ...
  9. John Cena - The Ultimate Underdog

    Hi all, no blogs for months and then two in the space of a week! Having watched the sensational MITB PPV last night ive been thinking about what I wanted to say on the matter and I've decided to comment around one person I never thought I'd blog about John Cena.

    Before I get to that I just want to say that I thought the PPV was outstanding from beginning to end, everyone worked their ...
  10. Move over Undertaker & Triple H. CM Punk & John Cena has STOLEN your spot!

    Remember earlier this year we said Triple H and Undertaker was going to be the match of the year in 2011. Don't most of you feel silly for saying that after watching the Money In The Bank 2011 main event? I know I do.

    Any so-called wrestling fan that says CM Punk and John Cena did not go out and tear up that ring with great wrestling, storytelling, psychology, crowd involvement and ...

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