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  1. Time for some WWE Stable-ity

    Stables. Factions. Gangs. Cliques. Crews.

    Whatever you want to call them, they are everywhere. Whether it be in the film industry with Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller’s troupe of actors that appear with each of them respectively in virtually every movie they appear in, to the music industry with the whole G-Unit circle of rappers. With that said, why is it that, in the business of wrestling, ...
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  2. My Wrestlemania 28

    John Morrison vs Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz
    Triple Threat Match for the Number One Condtender for the WWE Championship

    Background... 4 Raw's before wrestlemania, this match was scheduled but the growing fued of Triple H and CM Punk, the regining COO calls off the match and declares himself Number 1 contender at Wrestemania

    Match: Morrison is teamed up against for ...

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  3. WWE: Return to glory [Part II]

    __________________________________________________ ____________
    If you haven’t read part one of this mini-series, you can find it here:

    --- WWE: Return to glory [Part II] ---

    Ditch the belts

    If the WWE remains a single entity with a rotating "draft" ...

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  4. WM 28 Version 2.0: Where Past Meets Future PART 2 of 2


    HHH/McIntyre/R-Truth/Mason Ryan/Swagger/Hawkins vs. Punk/Ryder/Cabana/Hero/Castagnoli/Morella
    12-Man Elimination Tag Team Match

    So obviously this feud requires some explanation. Going into Summerslam, CM Punk is the “unrecognized” WWE champion. Cena is the “actual” WWE champion. Punk beats Cena cleanly. It is the only way ...
  5. WM 28 Version 2.0: Where Past Meets Future PART 1 of 2

    Wrestlemania 28: Where Past Meets Future

    This is my proposed WM28 card. I wrote one a month or so back, but a lot has changed since then. I think this is a substantially better card.

    I think WWE is in a great position now to set themselves up for the future while acknowledging the past.

    My first criteria is that I take into account matches WWE has already ...
  6. Missed Opportunity: CM Punk and WWE Revolution

    As far as I'm concerned WWE have already botched this CM Punk angle. For me it's done and the only thing we can expect now is for everything to return to the same predictable WWE routine.

    Bringing Punk back so soon totally undermined his classic shoot-style promo, his title win and his character because:

    A) he did not leave with the title like he said he would

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  7. What WWE is missing

    I have about 35 hours or so of archived WWE footage on my PS3. I sit in my room, on my computer, and occasionally glancing up at the TV screen to see what match is going on. But, I noticed something today while glancing up. Professional Wrestling (Or Sports Entertainment) is missing something. The ability to translate the story that you are telling onto the big screen.

    It was once ...
  8. TNA Live Event impressions (Austin TX)

    Ok, so first blog, not going to break down match by match but did want to get out my general impressions on the TNA house show that I was at on July 28th at the Austin Music Center, in Austin TX

    First was the meet and greet, Don announced that there were 18 "Limited edition" Jeff Jarrett guitars for sale, and that if you bought one (For 175.00) that you would also ...
  9. I Believe the phrase was "Phony Punk"

    John Cena has sucked for a long time.

    It's common knowledge that the only people still in Cenation are kids and women. Even the few guys who still rock fruity have one foot out the door and dreams of greener pastures in Chicagoland. You take a look at the biggest guys in WWE, the "go-home" guys, and that's John Cena and Randy Orton. And the difference there can be summed up ...
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  10. My view on the TNA talent, July 29th 2011

    ABYSS: Always gonna be there, accepted in main event scene, interested to see if he leaves Immortal what will happen to him

    AJ STYLES: Hope he does well in BFG series. One of the guys that built the company, would be nice if he got a little more recognition in the main events

    ALEX SHELLEY: Love MMG, but Sabin's injury might not be a bad thing. Getting involved in X-Division, ...
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    Thoughts and Opinions

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