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  1. I became cool...WWE should try it sometime

    Now I don't know about you lots, but I certainly don't have hardly any friends that I can speak to about wwe, you know like I can't go up to them to say 'did you watch yesterday's raw? And what do you think of this match and that match'. Mainly because they don't watch wwe anymore, a testament to what wwe have done with PG.
    Now I don't if it's because of the area I live in or the people I just ...
  2. Wrestling the Water Cooler - Ep.1

    RAW 1/2/12:

    • Cena is going to wear less underwear.
      • Come again? This is how we open a new year, with one of the men signed for the biggest match ever (allegedly) talking about his underwear?
    • Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes
      • Hard working guys working hard - and yet it feels like something is missing, doesn't it? Honestly, how interested are you in the current Heavyweight
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  3. RAW is...Mediocre.

    This is probably the 1500th or so blog each of thee hath seen upon thy glorious web page, but I digress.

    The Titles:
    WWE Champ(ionship)-I had always said that Punk would, and should be a champion one day, but now Punk has that whole tirade of change thing going(or not going) for him. This entire feud with him and Johnny has really been useless, because the WWE hasn't changed ...
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    Thoughts and Opinions
  4. Post-Raw Ruminations 1/2/11: Why is Jericho Silent?

    Hello everyone! This is my very first blog for what I would like to call Post-Raw Ruminations! Due to the turbulence that has occurred with Jericho during Raw this past Monday, I feel that it is my duty to try to make some sense out of all of this to whomever shall read and comment! Of course, I could be completely off and my predictions would be dead wrong, however I do believe that there may ...
  5. Ten Things that Bug me about the WWE

    Hello everyone. Cross here and this is my first blog. These are factors of the WWE that reallly get on my nerves. Note they are not listed in number of importance.

    10. Celebrities
    I think it is cool to have celebrities on Raw and Smackdown every once in awhile, but matches. I mean really? You have such great talent on WWE Superstars and a little bit on NXT that have been working ...
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  6. Raw Reaction 1/2/12 - 1st Raw of 2012

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it with another edition of Raw Reaction. It's the first show of the year and the night in which everyone has been waiting for. I'm not going to waste any time so without further ado...

    Opening Segment-
    Nothing really new here, I will say that Kane promising Cena will embrace the hate is a great way to get people interested in what they will ...

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  7. A look at the current Divas Division

    Okay, just gonna have a look at the WWE divas division and have a look as to where it's going (or not going)

    (in alphabetical order)

    AJ - I believe she needs a push. When I saw her on NXT, she delivered some very good matches but since becoming a diva she's really just been used to build up Beths/Natalya's status as the dominant divas. I'd like to see her with a new ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  8. Christian in 2011 and 2012

    Happy 2012 peeps! With a calender comes new year resolutions.
    1 of mine is easily blog more. I really enjoy reviewing games, books, movies, sports and shows. So why not start now then!

    In this blog i'm going to talk about the WWE Superstar Christian and what type of year he had in 2011 and what may follow for 2012.

    So for those who didn't know. Christian suffered ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  9. The Top 10 WWE Superstar Improvements of 2011

    This list is for the best WWE Superstar improvements for the year. This is NOT based on how much I personally like a Superstar but is instead an unbiased list of how a superstar improved. I thought I would give out my opinions on how well certain superstars improved as a face or heel.

    Honorable Mention: John Laurinaitis

    Well, technically John Laurinaitis isn’t a superstar. ...
  10. 1-2-12: Examining the Possibilities Part-1

    Hey there, EWN. Name's BigDawgXIV. Long time WWE Fan, Long Time EWN reader, 1st blog I write, so forgive me for any mishaps I may commit.

    Anywhoozies, The EWN has been clearly buzzing over who the F*&# is gonna return to the WWE in two days time.I will examine the possibilities and voice my opinion on how can each be best utilized by the WWE. (Or How Would I Book It Cause WWE Bookers ...

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