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  1. Booking Challenge: Wrestlemania 30

    Wrestlemania 29 is in the books. Everyone is wondering what matches will we be seeing next year. Tons of rumored matches already being discussed. I chose to try something different with blogs to spice things up. Have a booking challenge 1x a month just for fun instead of all the crazy top 10s. I know what you are thinking? Booking Wrestlemania 30 so soon? If I do it during Wrestlemania season....people ...
  2. 10 best match types and favourite situations in matches

    this blog is about my favourite 10 match types and who i would like to put in that match.

    1. Elimination Chamber - I love this match as it has some real potenial, if we put high flyers in this match then we get leaps of the chambers, but if we get Powerhouses then we get massive slams onto the chamber floor. I would love to put Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Big Show, ...
  3. STATE OF THE 'E: Bizarro World

    Yes sir, I promise you a great show! I'm boarding the crazy train and hopping aboard the blog cart in hopes to navigate through this place. I haven't done a blog in like a month or something so, here goes nothing:

    Always imitated, NEVER duplicated. The one, the only, STATE OF THE 'E!

    Just what in the hell have I witnessed this last week? If I were to have written this ...
  4. Should WWE change the World Heavyweight Title

    With the WWE changing the look of the wwe title should they change the look of the world title. I would like to see it change they need a tittle that is there's and not one that reminds u of wcw I like the look of the title but would like to see a new title belt.
  5. Random Thoughts: Mistakes, A Letter to the WWE Universe, and IMPACT WRESTLING 4-11-13

    Well, it’s another day in the wrestling world, as today I decide to focus the main attraction of this blog to TNA in order to decrease the amount of readers because...well, if you like WWE you have to hate TNA, right? But let’s do a little clean up duty first.

    Flubs and Screw ups

    • Last time, I mentioned that the Rock was no longer on the Atlantic side of
  6. Sudden Impact: The Need for the Mid Card Title

    Hey fans. DK Savior here, way ahead of his homework this week and had time to do a special edition of Sudden Impact. Though this should be more of a Coffee Talk, I've decided to do this TNA focused blog without doing a report on what was a very hyped, yet, someone deflating episode of Impact from Corpus Cristi, TX. The 2 out of 3 falls turned out to be a pretty decent match even after the first 2 ...
  7. WWE Superstars on the Chopping Block

    In response to Thom Hodkinson's article on potential WWE releases!, I have decided to make my prediction on WWE Superstars who are on shaky ground. Most point to the lower card Superstars and Divas, but there are several surprises on the list as I dissect the odds of these aforementioned Superstars ...

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  8. The NBF: Post Mania Thoughts

    Prior to Mania, I wrote a piece about what Mania meant to me. I got a great response and was even asked by site member PhEonYx to write a post mania piece so here it is.

    In my line of work, I don’t get a lot of praise. Like most of us, I keep my head down and work hard. I have done this all my life and have never asked for a reward. But this year, I was rewarded with the greatest ...

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  9. Booking Extreme Rules 2013

    Hey Guys & Dolls ,

    Here is how I would book the top 3 matches for Extreme Rules 2013!
    Please enjoy and leave feedback.
    Let me know what you like/dislike?
    What would you do?
    Many Thanks,

    Extreme Rules Match For The WWE Championship
    John Cena © Vs Ryback

    Build-Up: Ryback hits his finisher on Cena following ...

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  10. Thom Hodkinson's Pointless Opinions - YOU'RE FIRED!

    Hello, and welcome to a new non-regular blog I'll posting whenever I damn well feel like it. (Get over it, society. I won't play by your rules) It'll just be my idiotic ramblings on all-things wrestling, and I heavily encourage you guys to voice your opinions in the comments below.

    "So, Mr Hodkinson," I hear you scream into the night, "What's this first entry all about?" ...

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