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  1. Hey, VinnieMac, how's about that Cruiserweight Division?

    Hi there, longtime eWN mainstay, first time blogger here. I'm Kashdinero, and being the bored sort of fella that I was before I started typing this, I thought I'd try something a little different.

    After reading a blog on here the other day suggesting that WWE should implement a Cruiserweight Division, I thought I'd throw my two pennies worth into this idea, and, fingers crossed, ...
  2. The DREW Review: Drew Mcintyre

    I don't know about anyone else, but what they're doing do Drew Mcintyre is horrible, at one point he's "the chosen one" then he gets beat up by his wife in a hotel room and hes jobbing to the jobbers. Isnt getting beat up by your wife and having the world hear about it punishment enough? Anyway this is the next year in the life of Drew Mcintyre to get him back to the glory he should of ...

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  3. first time blog plz enjoy...suggest blog names over the last 3 years or so ive religiously checked this site...and has come to the time to put my own blog up...because some people are missing the important shit and its starting to piss me off...

    1. have you ever noticed in TNA---and fuck all u tna haters...but all the aces and eights members...are all either from WWE or have a generation family member from WWE? ...
  4. The Shield Does NOT need a new member

    Why does everybody that post on this site think that The Shield need a new member, they are one of the most dominant factions in wwe history, so why would anybody want to add a fourth member, if wwe were to add another member to The Shield, they could only add a recent wwe superstar which would take the focus away from the group and put it on the new member being the leader of the group, were as the ...
  5. Top 5 best Triple Threat matches Nr 4

    Hello wrestling fans

    I wrote about number 5 on my top 5 triple threat matches. I expected a couple of comments about it but maybe it wasn’t what you guys thought it would be. I wanted to do something different from other tops and my own ones by going more into the matches. On my 3 other topics about a top 5 thing I ranked them from 5 to 1 and wrote a little bit of the build up to the ...
  6. Blade's Experience: Extreme Rules 2013 Predictions

    Hello everyone and welcome to another blogoside of Blade's Experience. After an predicable Wrestlemania and a unthinkable post Wrestlemania Raw, it is the season of Extreme Rules 2013 predictions. Before I start the blog, I have not posted a blog since December. I promise to post blogs every week and that's a promise I will keep. Many people on this site do not like grammar Nazi, in my blogs they ...
  7. Why the Tag Team Division is Getting There.

    Another week in the WWE and another blog. I was feeling nostalgic this week and dug out a load of my old WWE videos to feed my hunger for some WWE nostalgia. Not dvd's or blue-ray, videos. As Roddy Piper says, "old schools cool".

    So i dug them out and decided to watch Judgement Day from 2001. Don't get me wrong there was a plethora of classic matches on the ppv and it was great ...

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  8. Impact Wrestling Review (18/04/2013)

    I've noticed there has been an abandonment of TNA reviews and since the results don't even get posted on this website, I thought I'd give it a shot. I'd like to make this a weekly thing, so all feedback or even just saying that you like it would be greatly appreciated.

    So we start off (After the video package of course) With Devon talking to Wes Briscoe and Garrett Bischoff telling ...

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  9. Top 5 Triple Threat matches on a PPV in WWE

    One on One match has produced so many classics in WWE. From Hogan vs. Andre to Rock vs. Austin all the way to Cena vs. CM Punk. With a stipulation added to the One on One match like a No Disqualification or a Steel Cage you can make the match more interesting. But how can you push that interesting match to another level? By introducing another wrestler to the match. This match is called, a Triple ...
  10. Thom Hodkinson's Pointless Opinions II - November X-Ray Tango

    In my last post, I gave my Pointless Opinion (See, that's why it's called that) about who we can likely see being Future Endeavoured in the near future. In this post, I'll be going through who I think could make a significant impact on the leap from Developmental to Main Roster.

    I'm of the opinion that NXT is a more entertaining show than most of WWE's other output, and that their roster ...

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