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  1. WWE insults fans with RAW POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

    As a loyal fan of the WWE, I usually let a lot of things slide with the company. I let the edited cheers and boos on Smackdown! slide, despite my extreme grotesque towards altering the crowd to suit what the company wants. I let the FAKE OBAMA segment on WWE Capitol Punishment slide. It was a complete waste of time, but I still felt the solid matches made the PPV a decent show. However, lying to the ...

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  2. STATE OF THE 'E: What Has CM Punk Done For You Lately?

    On June 20th, 2011, CM Punk announced that his contract expires at midnight on July 17th, 2011 and that if he wins the WWE Championship at "Night Of Champions" he will walk out of there WITH the Championship in his possession. Literally. Leave the company and all with it.

    In my mind, 3 things ...

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  3. When you beat Cristian/Orton, you know you're doing something right

    Decent ppv last night. I judge a ppv mainly on how well I remember it. And I remember practically everything regarding the matches of CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio, Christian vs. Randy Orton, and R-Truth vs. John Cena.

    CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio. Now this is the CM Punk we expect. He and Rey put on the best match of the night with some unbelievable sequences. They had some pretty heavy competition ...
  4. Capitol Punishment Review (Better than Concensus)

    So Ive been seeing different blogs and reviews on other sites about last nights Capitol Punishment PPV, and its been mostly negative. Ive never posted anything on this site, but I felt like the general consensus was off, and anyone who didn't see the show firsthand assumes they didnt miss anything special. Wrong. I may go on a bit of a rant but try to stay with me.

    So other than a few ...

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  5. Another TVPG bitch and moan!

    Hi all! this is my first blog soo please bare with me!

    As you can tell this is gonna be a whinge about WWE being PG, ill try to keep it brief and to the point.

    The other day i was bored and nothing on TV soo i thought i'd put wrestlemania 24 on ( the last non-PG mania' ) it wasn't an exactly amazing mania but it was way better than the slaver WWE currently produce us! ...

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  6. Let's Give It Up For Cena and Orton

    Ok my previous blog people were upset about a picture and i comment i wrote but there won't be any of that in this blog. This is to talk about Capitol Punishment Heavyweight & WWE Championship and the WWE.

    John Cena i don't know about you but that name is getting annoying that's why i put mute when he comes out and fast forward his matches but i do watch his PPV matches just to ...
  7. WWE Capitol Punishment - What a way to waste three hours!

    I'm going to keep this brief since it's 4am here in the UK and I just sat through a three hour snoozefest. As a result only a few matches will get a mention since the rest were so uneventful.

    Dolph Ziggler defeated United States Champion Kofi Kingston

    The first match on the card, and the only one (of seven) that was worth tuning in for. It had some great moments of teasing ...
  8. The WWE's Philosophy

    From the title, I can expect that most people will believe that this blog is more than likely about how WWE is currently forcing us a terrible product. However, this is not the case. This blog is about why WWE has decided to make the product the way it is now.

    For the past 3 years or so, WWE has managed to turn it's product into a family orientated product. In doing so, their hardcore ...

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  9. The Greatest Promoter Ever: Paul E. Heyman

    Hey guys. No if ands or buts, Heyman is the greatest wrestling promoter ever. Now lets not confuse greatest with the most successful because we all know the most successful bar none would be Vince McMahon.

    WWE's Idea of Success?
    Now a days when it comes to wrestling success doesn't even include a great product. Success is all about who makes the most money which is horrible. ...

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  10. Did the attitude era ruin Prowrestling?

    Did the Attitude Era Ruin Pro Wrestling?

    Note while I was writing this article, I haven’t had the same opinion the whole way through it, but its still a pretty solid opinion. This is a very debatable topic, but as you will read through this, you will see why.

    From the years of 1997 to 2001 we witnessed an era in pro wrestling history books; it was called the attitude ...

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