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  1. Here is Why Mark Henry Gets a Title Reign

    Ladies and gentleman, your new World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry.

    Why give him a title run right now? He's past his prime, right? He can't handle the number one spot. He has no mic skills. He didn't work for where he's at. He can't get over with the fans.


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  2. Top 5 Best Highflyers

    Top 5 Best Highflyers

    Let me just say that this is my opinon of who I think are the best Highflyers,so that doesn't mean that they actually are the best.

    Highflyers have been in wrestling for decades now.They wow the crowd many times in a match, and normaly makes fans stand on there feet whith amazement.Anyway lets get to it.

    #5 Jeff Hardy

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  3. Has the WWE lost its ability to make a good heel?

    Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here once again. This week I'm blogging on the WWE's lack to create a good heel. I'm going to take you through the past and explore some of the great heels in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's when heels were dominating. Now a days, most of the top WWE heels are booked to be crybabies and cheat to win.

    Greatest Heels of the 80's

    Ted ...

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  4. Marks in glass houses (A WWE/TNA blog)

    So yesterday WWE had yet another dissapointing PPV. Many of us watched it even though we predicted how crappy it would be. That being said I can get to my points:

    Title Changes

    Let's see John Cena went a whole year last year without being the champion (or so I've read) so naturally WWE had to compensate by making him the champion for the 3rd time in 6 months this year. ...
  5. My Night of Champions Reaction

    First time blogger here typing immediately after watching Night of Champions and here are my thoughts.

    I have a lot of respect for John Cena, he's clearly a work horse and he makes a hell of a lot of money for the WWE, but for the love of god when are they going to realize that he doesn't need the WWE Title?
    Once again Creative ruin an up and coming star by giving him a month ...

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  6. Night of Champion Review

    So, this is my first wrestling blog in a LONG, LONG time! So, please bare with me on this one. I'm actually a pretty educated wrestling fan and I actually want to at some point in my life get into the business as booker, or something behind the scenes. Not really sure how just yet, but I'll do it some how. Anyways, enough of that synopsis here is my Review of NOC.

    IC Title Match: Cody ...

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  7. Why Rock vs Cena isn't such a great idea.

    The Rock vs John Cena. These two have been compared by fans for years. Some say that Cena has reached Rock's level while others dispute this with all their might. Regardless of who's your favorite, everyone must agree that this is a big attraction. It will undoubtedly improve ratings as we get closer to the big day, aswell as increase the actual PPV ratings. My question is however, is it a good idea ...
  8. Rick's Picks for Night of Champions

    Wassup Splashers? WWE’s Night of Champions is less than 24 hours away. I know my readers here at won’t be able to read this until Monday or later, but ya never now EWN just might surprise everyone and post my blog early (yeah and Dwayne has REALLY has come back to wrestling). Ok ...

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  9. Classic Pay Per View : WrestleMania XIX (Part 2)

    Shawn Michaels v Chris Jericho

    The build up to this match - Immense, full of anticipation. The match itself - Even better than immense. Jericho and Michaels had a match for the ages, one that should be high on several lists of greatest WrestleMania matches ever. Apparently this was the match that convinced Shawn Michaels to go full time again,as Mr WrestleMania put in a show stealing ...

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  10. Classic Pay Per View : WrestleMania XIX (part 1)

    In my opinion, WrestleMania XIX was the perfect WrestleMania. It was also great to see a Mania outdoors in a stadium again, reminded me of Mania 8 which is a favourite of mine. During the Attitude era years I expected the card of Mania to go into double figures cause it was fricking WrestleMania. WrestleMania 19 only had 9 matches, but it was a supreme card from top to bottom and made me appreciate ...

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