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  1. The Man Pulling All The Strings in the WWE

    This is my first blog so here it goes....Is it at all possible that The Rock turns out to be the guy pulling all the strings behind the scenes causing this uproar about HHH being COO? Read this article from :

    In the article it talks about an individual behind the scenes pulling the strings, ...
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  2. The Burial of CM Punk

    Okay guys. Although it is not my opinion that CM Punk is getting buried, I have seen several comments recently from people with the opinion that WWE creative is burying Punk. So I'm putting my thoughts out to you.

    I believe the last time we heard Punk speak on Raw was the night after NOC, when he stated that there was a conspiracy in the WWE, but not the conspiracy Miz & Truth were ...
  3. The Biggest Comedian in WWE: Santino Marella

    Hey guys, BlackFalcon here, and I just watched on Raw the return of the funniest guy ever to grace the WWE, one Santino Marella.

    In my opinion, Santino is the unsung hero of the 'E. If you think about it, with all the serious and over the top main event storylines in the last few years, who's the one guy who has always kept the comedy in the company. Who's the guy who will unselfishly ...

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  4. Intercontinental Championship Prestige?

    Cody Rhodes revealed the old Intercontinental Championship and talked about the Intercontinental Championship Prestige throughout the years and the many classic matches that involved the Intercontinental Championship. Does this mean WWE's going to bring back the Intercontinental Championship back to its former glory, I'd like to think so, but does that mean it's going to happen?

    There's ...
  5. Triple H in a Jam, Hogan Retires?, and Hell in a Cell Thoughts

    Howdy Splashers! We had a bit of an interesting week with both TNA and the WWE. Well, enough of the small talk, let’s get to it.

    A Few notes on this past TNA:
    I think that TNA is definitely pushing the angle of Bobby Roode winning the TNA World Champion way too hard. It’s ...
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  6. Mystery Man who wants to end Triple H's C.O.O. Run

    Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here. This is a very interesting blog I want to blog on. We all want to know who the hell is behind this whole Triple H C.O.O. thing. This is being very well booked if I might add so I wanted to chime in on possible names that have been discussed and see what you all think.

    I'm going to name a few names and tell why or why not I feel they're kayfabe ...

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  7. WWE and TNA: Not All Is Bad.

    A lot of the blogs lately have been talking about what is being done wrong in the WWE or TNA. How many talk about what is being done right. I haven't seen all that many that aren't in "Top 5" lists. (Which are getting annoying now.) So here is my take on what is going right in the two promotions I watch.

    Character Development: This is one area that actually doesn't get touched ...
  8. he Top 5 Most Surprising Heel Turns in Wrestling History

    Now to remind you guys, This is'nt the best, This is the most surprising. some of the Heel Turns wont be the best or lead to very much but they are shocking and surprising... So Lets get to the List!.

    5. Steve Austin and Vince McMahon Joins forces.
    At Wrestlemania 17, In his home state of Texas, ...

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  9. Unpopular Opinion: Original ECW

    This is not a opinion that many people will like, cause its about the Very beloved Orginal ECW..... The Original ECW was unique and was very different from the usual that was showcased in the U.S.. But it wasnt nearly as Great as most fans Think it was.

    ECW had a habit of pushing some of the more unpolished guys and made more talented men take a back seat to them... ECW had alot of ...

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  10. Hell in a Cell Review

    Quote from Jim Ross.. Hell in a cell has only been used 22 times in the history of the WWE, my question is, How many times of the times have been because of this waste of time PPVover the last few years????

    i remember back in the day when hell in a cell was thee ultimate way and the last resort to ending a fued, only when all other possibilities had been explored was hell in a cell ...

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