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  1. WWE Changes: Raw, SmackDown!, PPVs & More!

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again. This blog (as I assume you can guess) is about the small things I would do to WWE that would give it a bit of change. Now, I typically don't like these types of blogs because there is no quick fix on how to help the WWE or TNA or anything for that matter, but this isn't necessarily about that. This is just a few changes I would make to maybe make things ...

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  2. SvR/WWE 12: Looking Back and Seeing What Lies Ahead

    What’s shakin’ Splashers? Since WWE 12 is coming out next week I thought it was time I gave the game an honest look. Let me just say this Splashers, just because you change the name, it doesn’t change jack shit in my book. It’s STILL Smackdown Vs Raw. THQ has changed everything else in the game; they ...

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  3. The truth about The Rock's return

    Hello wrestling geeks, how are you all today? If you don't know me, I've been writing the odd blog for a few months. It's great fun but something that I have tended to do is write a two parter that may receive some decent feedback when half way done but is sadly enough to not spur me on. I work 10 hour days 5 times a week and do a lot of travel to and from the hell hole itself on top of that, so ...
  4. Blog Wars Episode 2

    Welcome back for the second edition of Blog Wars. I'd like to thank everyone for the feedback on the last show. I like to be the first to congratulate Dr. Death on being the first IWC Blog Champion. But lets see if the champ can win the first title defense against Knox. And now since so many people are talking about Wrestlemania XXVIII main event between the Rock and John Cena this weeks list ...
  5. DX/NWO Feud on the Horizon? Bourne's Puffs and Tweets, and JR Spills the beans.

    Howdy Splashers! It’s a new day, and a new blog! It’s time to get splashin’!

    Jim Ross Talks about Taker’s Return:
    I read Jim Ross’ Blog, and his thoughts on a possible Undertaker return. In short he said he expects Taker to be at WrestleMania 28, but he has no clue what will happen ...

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  6. top 10 Greatest WWF/WWE Debuts

    This is a list of the Greatest WWF/WWE Debuts. Not much more to say here so we will get right to it.

    Since EWN only lets me put so many videos and pics up only the lower portion wil have video footage.

    10. John Cena Debut on SmackDown.
    When Kut Angle challenged anyone in the back, No one expected that a young muscled up wrestler with generic and ring ...

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  7. Blog Wars Episode 1

    Welcome to the first episode of Blog Wars. This show was inspired by Ring the Bell and I give credit to ELNIOJR for the idea that helped me make this. In the history of blogs I have seen people slam others blogs or give their own lists or suggestions to what they should use. So this is the time to prove who's lists are better with everyone's help.
    Each week we will get two ...
  8. Top 5 Survivor Series PPV Matches

    This top 5 list is based on quality, not historic value, Dont get me wrong Historic value means alot but im not gonna put Undertakers debut on here cause it made history but the match was medicore at best and The Bret Hart Screw job match just cause the screw job ending made history... This is the Top 5 best matches from Survivor series.

    You be shocked to see that all of these matches ...

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  9. WWE Rise and Fall of John Morrison

    John Morrison has been the centerpiece of a debate in in Internet Wrestling Community for quite sometime now. Some believe Morrison has all the tools to become a main event star, while others say he is a spot monkey, who lacks mic skills and charisma. Throughout all of this, I have kept one stance; As a face, JoMo is a glorified mid-carder. However, as a heel, Morrison has all the tools to be a star. ...
  10. Does Anyone Miss Matt Hardy?

    Hey guys Knox here, @jaeknox on twitter, sorry for the plug lol. Hope you all are doing well. First let me give thanks to those of you that commented on my last blog titled "How Wrestling Matters Backfired on TNA". I expected alot of hate comments and bashing but only received two so thanks guys for seeing it for what it was. I wasn't bashing TNA, I love the company, I just don't like ...

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