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  1. The Slap Heard Round the World: The Start of Cena's Heel Turn?

    For years, people have been clamoring for it. They want John Cena to flip, to turn to the dark side. They're sick of Cena's goody-goody attitude and limited moveset. To sum it up, Cena's getting stale. We all know it, and we've all said it before. But alas, it's never happened. There've been several opportunities for him to do so over the past few years, whether it was his induction into the Nexus ...
  2. Raw Thoughts: 11/28/2011

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again with his thoughts on Raw. Not much to say so without further ado...

    Piper's Pit
    That....was powerful shit. This is exactly how legends should be used (looking at you TNA): sparingly and to build a story or character. I think this is finally going to be the heel turn we all want, or at least a change in character. I really enjoyed ...

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  3. My View on Wrestling Today and How to Improve it

    Hello everyone I decided to write another blog while I wait for a response for the next Blog Wars. Also I am planning the first ever Blog Wars King of the Ring. It is an 8 man tournament for the title king of the blogs it will feature guys who have been on the show, are champ if he wants to go on it, and anyone interested. I will have more on it soon I hope. But to the point I want to give my ...
  4. The Future of Wrestling: The Under 30 Club

    Title says it all. Pay close attention to not only who I chose, but also who I didn't...

    Alex Shelley: He has great mic skills and is needless to say superb in-ring, but I can't see him as a world champion; however, he does play the arrogant heel extremely well, so I'll have to see a proper heel turn before I can make a final call.

    Bo Rotundo: As far as wrestling goes, ...
  5. Classic PPV: WrestleMania VIII

    The end of an era in many ways. This was the first Mania to be held outdoors, some icon's would never again or make a WrestleMania appearance for some time and some future icon's would stamp their mark on the end of a classic period and be new stars. This ladies and gentlemen, was WrestleMania 8, coming from the Hoosier Dome in Phoenix.

    Ah! The good old days. Vince McMahon screaming ...

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  6. WrestleMania XXVIII Realistic Card

    Now first off this is my second card i've made. looking back i didn't like a lot of my predictions so i wanted to make a final prediction for how i think the card will look come April 1st. I have really high hopes for this years wrestlemania, with so many returns and cena and the rock have been building up there match for an entire year who wouldn't? so here's how i think the card will play out... ...
  7. Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels - Who Was Better?

    Hey guys Knox here hope all is well. Today I want to blog on the ever popular debate on Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels. Personally I call it the greatest feud in professional wrestling, UFC & boxing of all time. Sure wrestling is scripted but the way they were booked to work with one another night in and night out with their legit bad blood was awesome.

    Its a huge debate on who ...

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  8. The Top 5 Wrestlers Who Turned Down a WWE Contract

    Thanks, but no thanks. Over the years Vince McMahon and the WWE have heard these words on a few occasions, and it got me to thinking why? Shouldn't a wrestler want to join the biggest wrestling/sports entertainment company of all time? A wrestler can make a lot of money in the WWE. Not to mention the fame and acknowledgement that goes with it. But for some wrestlers that is not enough nor is it what ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  9. The Greatest RAW Ever: Jan. 4, 1999

    Hey guys, Im back. I know its been a minute since I posted something but Im currently in Art School in Charleston, South Carolina as a graphic design major and the life of a "visual artist" never sleep! Bu let me get straight to this blog.

    Growing up as a kid, I always teased. I was never the popular person in high school or what not, I pretty much was a loner during my time. ...

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  10. Bring back the Jobber system

    This is a blog I wanted to write a long time ago. Why can't the WWE make new superstars and why the current product sucks. I as well as most here have many theories. One thing I thought about is that WWE needs jobbers like they had during the 1980's to early 1990's.

    First off, what do I mean about the term jobber. To make it clear I am not talking about superstars who don't win ...

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