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  1. WWE 2012 Royal Rumble Predictions

    Match 1: Triple Threat Steel Cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Daniel Bryan escapes the cage while Mark Henry and Big Show were distracted with each other.

    Match 2: Kane Vs. John Cena. After about 14 mins in the match, John Cena walks out saying he won't embrace the hate and he doesn't need this match. Kane follows and it ends in a double count out. They brawl ...

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  2. Wrestlemania 28 Predictions

    Hey guys, Shaz11 here, this blog is my WM 28 predictions so I hope you enjoy the read!

    1. Zack Ryder vs Jack Swagger (US Champion) vs Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre vs David Otunga vs TedDiBiase vs Hunico - Money in the Bank Ladder match
    There has been reports on the Money in the Bank match returning to Wrestlemania. I don't mind the match type being on Wrestlemania, ...

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  3. My Wrestlemania XVIII Card (A realistic card)

    Hey guys this is my second blog, I've seen a lot of blogs lately regarding the Wrestlemania lineup and what matches are gonna be on the card, while I have no doubt the majority of you are sick to death of reading blogs predicting Wrestlemania Cards I thought i'd add my two cents, keep in mind this is if all wrestlers were fit and healthy! So here goes

    My Wrestlemania XVIII Card
  4. Top 5 Funniest Moments - Volume 1(The Rock)

    We've had the golden age, the attitude era, the dull years and the new so called 'entertainment era'. All of these times appealed to a certain type of fan but for myself WWE is never better then when the action in the ring is dramatic and hard fought but the segments in the back are filled with laughter and excellent comedic moments.

    In this blog I will show you what some of my favourite ...
  5. All about Jack Swagger

    For those who missed Raw, Our new United States champion is Jack Swagger, and with the realisation that Jack might acually be around for quite a while, I would like to asses Jack Swaggers carrer up to this point.

    The Look
    Jack Swagger is a guy I would watch out for in the WWE, he has a greatly monsterous build, and a face that makes him actually look like a wrestler. But he also ...

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  6. TNA iMPACT Recap & Review 19/01/12

    Starts off with a video package showing what happened last week between Hardy and Roode and the whole affair with the World heavyweight Championship match. This kind of pisses me off a little just because I can’t be bothered having to watch the screw finish again, but I guess it’s fine for people who missed last weeks title defense.
    Sorry About Your Dam luck. James Storm’s music hits and

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  7. Creative Shouldn't Take Full Blame

    A lot of fans says it's because of the creative department...that the creative department needs new writers. That they need to stop kissing Vince McMahon's a**. I agree, but writers are only part of a good storyline. The other part is the wrestlers.

    The McMahon-Helmsley storyline was actually Chyna's idea, who told it to Triple H, who told it to Vince and he loved it. Mickie James gave ...
  8. Slammy Awards 2011

    This is Cross here with my Slammy Awards 2011. Now I understand in WWE magazine they had awards for certain superstars that were not aired. Some of these may be the same for me that they put in the magazine, but these are awards that didn't gety noticed that I think should. So here we go with blog 3.

    Moove of the Year-

    <iframe width="640" height="480"
  9. The Titles in WWE: Do They Mean Anything Anymore?

    Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here about to save your week, once again, with a fresh new blog that's not the same ol, "but what about the Attitude Era?" or "WCW was great". Instead, I'm going to discuss the importance, if any, the titles in the WWE hold. A good question would be, What do the titles mean these days? They flip flop so much that it's hard to keep count who's champ ...
  10. WWE Talent Wellness Program and its effect on the Roster.

    With Evan Bourne failing his latest drug test, I thought it relevant to bring this subject matter up. Let's see exactly what the 'E expects from its talent and current Roster.
    WWE Talent Wellness Program
    {The current WWE program consists of two components :}

    An aggressive substance abuse and drug testing policy.
    2. Cardiovascular testing and monitoring program. ...

    Updated 01-19-2012 at 09:27 PM by Dr. Death

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