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  1. 5 things I want to see post mania

    As the wrestling season comes to close, I thought I would have a little think about what I would like to see happen post mania and in the next wrestling year.

    1. A lengthy feud between CM punk and Daniel Bryan, culminating in 30 minute submission match at Wrestlemania. Give it some real time to build; Team Punk vs Team Bryan at Survivor series, speciality matches. They can even try to ...
  2. Blog Wars 17: Top 6 Cheesiest Gimmicks

    Welcome to another edition of Blog Wars. Last time akbar successfully defended his title in a close match. This week Dr. Death is back for his rematch, can akbar prevail in what looks like the funnest list in Blog Wars history.
    Top 6 Cheesiest Gimmicks
    Basically, the competitors will list 6 gimmicks that they think are "cheesy" in their terms.

    Dr. Death
  3. What If Maria Menounos Won The Diva's Title?

    What's up, I'm back again with something that has been on my mind for the past two weeks.

    Back in April of the year 2000, World Championship Wrestling was in their famous state of "Change In Direction". It was during that time when a motion picture that was mainly revolved around the organization was released in "Ready To Rumble."

  4. Flash From The Past: Wrestlemania 22

    Hello everyone. How are you all doing this evening? It is time for another edition of Flash From The Past, as we get closer to Wrestlemania 28. On this edition, I am looking at Wrestlemania 22. Lets get right into it shall we?

    Wrestlemania 22
    Allstate Arena-Chicago Illinois

    Match 1
    World Tag Team Championship
    Big Show and Kane(c) vs Carlito and Chris Masters
  5. WMania 27, Vince Senile? PG vs Attitude, Fanbases.

    Hey Guys!!! 7 Days till my yearly trip to Mania week!!! If you have never been to a mania week and enjoyed the events i would encourage you to do so if you are able to. And i'm uploading over 100 pics from mania 27 last year on my profile so go check that out!

    Ok so the first thing im going to address is the "Vince Is Senile" comments that i see quite a bit. Here ...

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  6. The Value of a Title

    Hi all,

    I wanted to steer slightly away from the usual Mania build up discussions this week and pose the question - just what is a title worth these days?

    There has been some commentary on the lack of focus on titles in this years Wrestlemania. The SD match is way down the pecking order, the Punk/Jericho match is more about the ’Best in the World’ moniker, no tag team ...
  7. The 10 Smartest Men in this Business

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I'm blogging on the geniuses behind the world of professional wrestling. The guys that have the knowledge to keep this business alive with their overall know how.

    This list isn't a list of top drawers so don't expect to see too many current wrestlers on here. This is a list of guys that know the business behind the scenes and actually know how ...
  8. Top 10 Worst Wrestlemanias

    What's poppin folks! RatedATB back at it again with another installment in my Wrestlemania series. With Mania getting closer and closer, many people are talking about how this is a boring card and there's a lot of bathroom matches. To them I say that's "FACKIN BOOLSHIT!" to quote the Iron Sheik. This Mania card is miles ahead the following 10 Manias I'm about to list. Yep that's right we ...
  9. What should have been: Survivor Series 2011 main event

    I decided to start a series of blogs called "What should have been" because some main events could have been better at the ppv events. Some times they book main events that people don't want to see or that would have been the bigger pay off. That is why I started this....give my opinion on what the main event should have been at the ppv. Survivor Series 2011 is a perfect example of something ...

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  10. My thoughts leading up to Wrestlemania

    These are my thoughts on all the feuds/matches leading in to Wrestlemania. (They’re in the order I’d like them too be).

    Cody Rhodes vs Big Show
    Cody Rhodes is coming off as a threat which will help to build him up ready to win a title.
    Good build up – The feud has been given time to be built up properly and become slightly personal with all Big Shows embarrassing moments.

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