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  1. Super Kick 2: Tagging In-Bringing Tag Team Wrestling Back to Life

    Oh, you didn't know?(like really, you didn't know that tag team wrestling sucks nowadays) Your ass better call somebody!!!!

    Hey guys, HB-Dre here with another edition of Super Kick. Thanks for all the feedback on my first Super Kick about revamping WWE's PPV product, but the past is in the past so lets move on to Super Kick 2, and my thoughts on whats wrong with tag team wrestling. ...
  2. Wrestlemania 29 Build Up, Match Card, and Booking (Part 1, Main Events)

    Hello one and all. Usually, Wrestlemania match cards start circulating around January. I for one, love creating match cards, and with 3 main events already rumored, I knew I'd make a blog on the subject. Some of the rumored matches (Brock/Austin, Punk/Austin, and Taker/Cena), I've kept the same, while others I've changed. Thanks for reading.

    Main Event #1: John Cena vs. The Undertaker ...
  3. 10 Worst Moments in Smackdown History

    As some of you may know that I posted Best and Worst moments in Raw history. Did SD best I believe last week which led to this post. A reminder that this is just my opinion.

    1.Christian loses World title-Huge Christian fan waiting for the moment to finally come. Christian winning the big one in the WWE. Been waiting for it since 2005 when I thought it could actually happen. Orton and ...

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  4. A Due Change in Format

    Hello, everyone.

    Welcome to my latest blog. Today I would like to discuss something that I think would be a welcomed thing among us fans. That thing is a change in the format of WWE television.

    In my earliest memories of professional wrestling, there were two main shows to choose from: WCW Monday Nitro, and WW(F) Raw is War/WarZone. Most everyone knows the story of the ...

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  5. Should WWE bring back managers?

    Managers. They have been in WWE since it have started, they elevated superstars and helped them to get over with the crowd. Now... They're gone. Only MANAGER (I don't count Rosa Mendes, because they are more like a Stable) left is Vickie Guerrero.

    Why should WWE bring Managers Back?

    For one simple reason. There is a lot of Superstars that are pretty good in the ring, but ...
  6. The Facts about John Cena - Good and Bad.

    Hello there EWN readers, it is very rare I decide to write a blog on here, and I have never made a blog directed towards one particular wrestler, but here goes.

    As I am the EWN Facebook Admin who makes posts aside from the news feed (Frank being the other admin), I check into the Facebook page daily and keep you guys entertained with pictures, videos, reviews of shows, and even ...

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  7. The WWE Draft - Why Does It Exist?

    To answer my own question, I don't know.

    Now before anyone says I'm against it, let me tell you, I'm not. I have always been a fan of the draft and the brand extension in general, but to say I'm not frustrated would be a lie.

    Ever since Triple H announced the 'SuperShow' concept, I've been hoping that it was just a brief thing and all would be right in the the land of the ...

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  8. Who Was Better: Sting or The Undertaker?

    In the last blog the big debate was; who was better: Eddie Guerrero or Chris Jericho? The people have spoken and the winner is….

    CHRIS JERICHO! Y2J wins it with 17 votes in comparison to Guerrero’s 11.


    Based on constructive criticism on the last blog I’ve decided not to focus on one specific time in the wrestler’s career and instead give an overall ...
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  9. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Top Wrestling Matches of WrestleMania Part Five

    Hey everyone, I'm here with PART 5 of the Top Match of Every Individual WrestleMania. Hope you all enjoy...

    [B]WrestleMania 21 - Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle[/B]
    This was one of the biggest matches in WWE History. It was the first time HBK and Kurt Angle went One on One. It all started at the Royal Rumble. Michaels eliminated Angle from the match and Angle re-entered the ring ...
  10. 2012 WWE Draft Preview: Who Won't Be Changing Brands

    As you may probably already know about the 2012 WWE Draft on Monday, April 23rd when a number of Superstars and Divas change brands. But what about the select Superstars who I think will not change brands this year? And so without further adieu, here are the five Superstars who I think will be staying put this year.

    John Cena. The so-called face of the WWE, Cena in my opinion should not ...

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