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  1. WBC Series #5: WWE and Authority Figures

    What is up everybody! So last week, The Piper was able to come out victorious, and continues on as champ. His challenger, Sully, is hoping to sweep Piper's legs out from under his feet and claim the title of WBC Series Champ! Who will walk away the winner? Well, it is up to you to decide. ...
  2. A Blurring of the Lines: Kayfabe vs. Reality

    Hi everyone, Dr. Death here with another Blog, it's been awhile since I posted a blog and I thought we'd take a look at the reality and kayfabe lines in pro-wrestling, where and when they cross and why. Over the years we have seen many storylines come and go, some based entirely on a kayfabe (or imaginary/scripted) incident, and some based on an actual reality (or real) involvement. So, what does ...
  3. Batista!! Idea how to use him

    just thought i'd write a blog on a idea i come up with on how to bring batista back and how to use him

    now we all know batista left because he didnt like the pg product ( with the majority of the iwc and other wrestling fans agreeing that they dont like it pg) infact this is what batista said after leaving ....

    * Batista said he left WWE last year because he no longer fit ...
  4. Yes? Yes? Yes? The Raw Review

    Over The Limit recap

    “Daniel Bryan! CM Punk!”, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and “This is awesome!” chants filled the arena last night as Daniel Bryan and CM Punk put on the single greatest wrestling match since Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle locked horns over a decade ago. As expected as it was, so too was the ending we got to last night’s Over the Limit pay-per-view. Anybody who didn’t
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  5. The Abdominal Stretch: Not a Raw Review, but a Break Down

    Hey Wrestling Fans from everywhere and wherever. The Saviour here with another edition of The Abdominal Stretch.

    It felt good to post my Over The Limit following a very good PPV. It was refreshing to be able to speak positive about WWE, because it was something I haven't felt like I've been able to do recently. Of course, some of my readers love everything about WWE, which is their right, ...

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  6. The ShadowEffect: A blog on ROH...

    Hey guys, it's me Zach again. I have written a blog in awhile. But I want to thank everyone for reading the two blogs that I have posted. I've been really busy with school and life in general. Hetic life, but it hasn't kept me from watching wrestling. Especially Ring of Honor. I have been watching WWE and I want to commend them for giving us CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan on PPV. It was a fantastic match ...
  7. Joplin: 1 Year Later and Wrestling.

    I don't know when this will get posted, but it is time for me to reflect on the year gone by. 1 year ago, my hometown and my home personally was blown away. I will never forget what happened that day. I'll admit, compared to a lot, I a lucky person. I didn't lose anyone in my family. I didn't lose a single friend. So many others did.

    I don't have many possessions left from before the ...
  8. WWE's Unsolved Mysteries NO.1 The Nexus Buries the Undertaker

    As some of you may rememberback t Bragging Rights of 2010 The Undertaker had a buried alive match with kane for the World Heavyweight Title. At that time the group known as the Nexus was running around WWE beating the living hell out of whoever they wanted

    .Now at the end of the match the Nexus came ot and attacked The Undertaker to help Kane get the win. This leaves only one question. ...
  9. Over The Limit "theunderdog review"


    (I'm not going to go into too much detail about the matches, more so on the story lines)

    Match One: Zack Ryder v's Kane

    I'm sure i wasn't the only one who didn't care for this at all. Ill admit i didn't even watch it live due to the fact it involved Ryder. I mean he had his 15 mins of fame and slowly but surely ...
  10. Fav 5: Matches of the year so far!

    We’re quickly approaching the midpoint of the year and with that said I’ll begin this blog which focuses on my 5 favourite matches of the years so far.

    Honourable Mention: Nxt - Tyson Kidd vs Michael Mcgillicutty
    I really enjoyed their feud and wished they were given a pay per view match. They had a 3 great technical matches. For those who haven't seen any of them, I recommend you ...

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