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  1. Top 10 Themes of ALL TIME (MUST READ)

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I did a few Top 10 blogs and made the mistake of saying "OF ALL TIME" but this one here is no mistake. This list will be controversial but will be worth it. Hope you all enjoy. We all know the best theme today in wrestling is Alex Riley's theme by Downstait "Say it to My Face"

    Top 10 Themes of ALL TIME:

    10. Jake ...

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  2. The 40 Greatest Superstars in Wresltemania History (35-37)

    Hello everyone! I am back with another blog. This time, a blog about the 40 Greatest Superstars in Wrestlemania History.

    We all think of Wrestlemania as the biggest event of the year. The time where the feuds are better than the rest of the year and the event where the matches and the moments will be remembered and go down in history.

    But which Superstars have been the ...
  3. Are We Spoiling Ourselves?

    Before you read this you should know that I'm an extremely objective person. I have no alignment to any form of entertainment, person or company.

    I was reading a few articles today that spoke about the WWF Attitude Era and the comparison with the current WWE product and I found myself inspired to write a Blog - something I have never done in my life.

    The topic I choose for my debut? ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  4. My response to "An Attitude Era fan...Who came back."

    This started out as a comment, but the blog I was commenting on pissed me off so much that my comment basically ended up being longer than the blog itself, so I felt no one would bother reading so I made it into it's own blog.

    And my comment was....

    I have to disagree completely with you on Cena owning Shamrock, Severn or Blackman. Unless you are going on mic skills, and ...
  5. Top 10 on the mic all-time!!

    Finished with the best on the mic today via last blog. Now it is time for me to reveal the 10 best of all-time!! This list is based on my opinion by the way.

    1.The Rock-Everyone can argue who is the best, but Rock in my opinion was. You could listen to him talk for hours. How many one line catchphrases, interviews, and so forth can we all remember? Speaks for itself.

    2.Roddy ...
  6. You Decide: This Week's Subject, Dolph Ziggler

    Hey Wrestling Fans. The Saviour here with a special blog. Being the visionary that I am, I came up with a new idea. It all started last night. Something got me thinking as I was finishing my Abdominal Stretch Blog post-Raw. I was thinking about possible heel or face turns, and who I'd like to see in the title picture. And then, as always, I try to predict what's going to happen. So I developed this ...
  7. WWE Needs To Recognize Ziggler Has “IT”

    WWE Needs To Recognize Ziggler Has “IT”

    Dolph Ziggler made his TV début in a stable called the Spirit Squad. The Spirit Squad were a group of male cheerleaders who were over-the-top and obnoxious. The wrestlers involved in the group were Kenny, Micky,Mitch, Nicky and Johnny. A number of fans thought the Spirit Squad was a horrible idea, but were despised by the fans and booed

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  8. Top 5: What Superstars Deserve a Push?

    *****LIST CHANGED*****

    This is my third top 5 and looking at the comments, I decided to change something, because I totally agree. There are so many talented superstars on the wwe Roster right now. Too many that are underestimated. A lot of superstars have the talent to be champion material... okay, maybe not championship, but they can be bigger than WWE is making them. Here they are:

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  9. An Attitude era fan.... Who came back....

    And my, OH MY do some modern fans have a selective rose-tinted memory!

    I'm quite new to the old blogging thing, but have enjoyed reading a lot of the entries and thoughts of fellow pro-wrestling fans, a thought I'd give it a whirl. What I want to say is simple - wrestling today, particularly WWE, gets a lot of criticism, especially in contrast to bygone times of golden ages of wrestling ...
  10. Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

    What is up boys and girls? Time for another edition for Uncooked, and after having been away for 2 weeks, this blog series from yours truly should be back on a regular basis. So make sure to keep an eye out week in and week out! Now, last nights Raw was another step closer to No Way Out, so without further adieu ...

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