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  1. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - What is left for John Cena?

    Hey everyone. I am back with another opinion. Last time, I listed all the possible accomplishments for CM Punk but now I will do it for another man...John Cena. Yes, I am a John Cena fan but NO, I am not a little kid. I have been a Cena fan since I started watching WWE because he was one of the first guys I ever saw compete. I am a much bigger fan of Triple H and Randy Orton but for now, I will talk ...
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  2. Coffee Talk: The Road To Wrestlemania

    Hey coffee lovers, and wrestling lovers alike. The Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. We are on the road to Wrestlemania and with Elimination Chamber upon us in 2 1/2 weeks, we're rounding that far turn of the track and approaching the final stretch. We don't have too many questions answered right now. We know that Wrestlemania itself will feature Cena challenging for the title against, ...
  3. PG in a blender. WWEs marketing lie.

    EDIT(Since comments keep coming to me in one way or another not understanding my article, I must point out, this article is not AGAINST "EDGY" WWE content, it is only trying to prove the point that those who say we need a new Attitude Era need to realize we are already in a non PG era. Please take that into consideration before PM'ing me that I am against new edgy content. Thank you. ...

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  4. CREATIVE Vs. MCMAHON who is right/wrong 2013

    I have been thinking about my hopes for this year in WWE, and among the things i wish to see but probably wont, is a better booking system. I'm not saying that the E' cant do there job but, i think big changes need to happen. I have read many of the great blogs posted about what should/shouldn't happen this year and, I believe they are great suggestions. I just cant help but feel that despite how ...
  5. Jason's Thougts: Impact Wrestling 1-31-12

    Bad Influence/Magnus/Aces- This was pretty underwhelming and left much to be desired, it felt random. Magnus just walks into the ring out of nowhere and suddenly Magnus becomes like super man and is taking out guys left and right.But still Bad Influences mic work was spot on as usual and Magnus was ok as a face, its still something to work on though.
    Rating: 5/10

    Robbie E vs Joseph ...

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  6. Why is it PG?

    Why hello there
    It seems I have grown rather fond of blogging as this will be my 3rd and I recommend the two others to readers as well since this can be viewed as a "series", collectively analyzing the "State of the E'"
    That being said this portion will pertain to something that many long time, and even current, fans have an issue with and seem to constantly criticize ...

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  7. Goodbye PG, Welcome to the New Era in WWE

    To many wrestling fans, the Attitude Era is the greatest era in professional wrestling history. It is the benchmark in which all characters and angles since have been judged. Whether unfair or not, it is unquestionable about its impact.

    The WWE made a transition from its Attitude Era to the era we have now deemed the ‘PG era.’ Obviously because the WWE went from being a ‘hard TV14’
  8. DanHero's 5 Things the WWE Should Do In 2013

    Whilst thinking of what the WWE should do with Punk and The Rock, I gave up with that, realising that no amount of internet hate will change a thing and focused on other areas in the WWE and what can be done. While most of these will be a long shot, I’ve included ways that they could work, as well as being written in by WWE Creative.

    1: Bring Back The Cruiserweight Division:
  9. Top 10 matches in Mick Foley's WWE career!!

    After making top 10 moment blog with Foley....decided to follow up with top 10 matches in his career. This time, I decided to be a bit more specific because folks really were hard on me for not featuring stuff from Japan. I'm sure they will expect the same here which is why I decided just to make this a WWE blog of just his WWE career. Didn't see much WCW, ECW, or Japan matches. I've seen a few Vader, ...
  10. Start Stop: The new way of keeping us interested?

    Start and stop:
    Do you remember back in the day when Brett and Shawn historically feuded over a span of years? Or when Hogan and Andre battled it out?
    Why were those feuds so memorable? What did they have that is lacking today? Well here it is; They were believable.

    Far too often in todays market the WWE expects us, "the universe" to believe that two guys hate ...

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