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  1. The Royal Ramble: If I Wrote the 1000th RAW! Part 2

    And now the epic conclusion to "If I Wrote the 1000th RAW!"


    The bell sounds.

    The following contest is for the WWE Tag Team Championship!

    Out comes the Tag Champions Kofi
  2. The Royal Ramble: If I Wrote the 1000th RAW! Part 1

    Before you start reading, I wrote this about I wanna say 3 weeks before the 1000th episode of Monday RAW aired. I actually wrote it on here but it was too long and it wouldn't accept it. I split into two parts and it never posted to this site for some reason I have no idea why. After receiving great reviews on it, I wanted to share it with you all. I'll even post a link to another website to prove ...
  3. CM Punk: Best in the World?

    Ok so this is my first blog. I was very hesistant about doing this mostly because I don't know to much about how this community works. In the time I've been reading here its become apart that everyone has an opinion. That said I am writing this more for the dialogue that will follow.
    I have been watching wrestling for years now, many years. I understand the lingo I know the terminology and I ...
  4. Booking the "best" possible card for Wrestlemania 29

    I know what many may be thinking.....another blog booking WM29. We know some of the rumored matches that are expected to happen, but what about the undercard? Which is the point to book the best possible card aka best US, tag, Divas, IC and world title matches. I will give reasons behind it along with results. I'd also like to hear your thoughts on this card along with what you would do with the undercard. ...
  5. The sad road to Wrestlemania

    We all know that the main event of the Chamber is Rock Punk and that Rock is going over to retain the title. Even though I was against the Rock winning in the first place, WWE is going to remain predictable. For those that said Punk didn't draw, his PPV buyrates were good and TLC, the one he was not one and headlined by Cena did quite poorly. Thus, Punk was legit as champ and his reign will one ...
  6. Deadsectors morgue- Knowing when to step aside

    First before we head downstairs, I just wanted to say think you for reading my other blogs, and for not making fun of me... See i relized about two seconds after i hit the post button on my WM dream card that I had made a typo in my name. I can be a real idiot at times. SO thanks for ignoring that, or at leasting laughing quietly... These will slow down shortly but I had something else I wanted to ...
  7. The evolution of Super Cena


    Love him or loathe him, but John Cena will always be the current face of the WWE whether diehard pro wrestling fans like him or not. Like his predecessors Hulk Hogan and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin before him, Cena is the guy who is the true leader of the WWE roster and the guy who the WWE Universe rooted for, bought his merchandise, and was the poster ...

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  8. The grandest stage of them all? Really.....

    HEY guys, whats up ? there is a big winter storm gearing up to slam us here in the north east i live in the MA. SO STAY SAFE EVERYONE!!!!!

    I have been reading your guys predictions and dream cards for wrestlemania 29 & 30. to me there seems to be a few things up in the air as to what might be booked because anything can happen in the next 6 weeks or so. many people have been ...

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  9. Deadsestors morgue- wrestlemainia dream card

    Hi all. I'm sorry about the spelling in the last blog, my auto-correct it seems wasn't working very well. I hope this is better
    I'm stepping out of my dark setting for a bit here, i wanted to talk about my dream WM card. This isn't likly to happen but its a way for you guys to kind of get to know me and my tastes in wrestling. It's ten matches i'm not going to go into great detal about them, ...
  10. Deadsectors morgue- debuts

    Welcome to my morgue. You may call me Doctor Deadsector. Yes i'm the same dude that often commets on the intresting stories. But i've taken on great airs, I've allowed my head to grow over large and with a large head one needs a large title. So Doctor Dead will do just fine.
    Now the subject, it's on the table lets pull out the Y Saw and get to work. We've got an atopsy to conduct.
    The ...

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