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  1. Countdown to Wrestlemania 27! (pt.2 of 3)

    So last week we looked at Wrestlemania I-X (85-94) this week we're just going to dive right into Wrestlemania XI-XX (95-04)

    Wrestlemania XI (1995)
    Diesel(c) vs. Shawn Michaels
    WWF Title

    Again, the world of professional wrestling found itself in a slump. Nobody cared about anything that was being done ins ANY federation. But at Wrestlemania XI HBK and Big Daddy Cool ...
  2. TNA: Why?

    After revising the Hardy situation, and the current Angle ordeal, I have been scratching my head over this for a while, and asking myself....


    Why was Hardy not released for the atrocity that happened on Sunday? I understand he is the most recognizable face to a mainstream wrestling fan that TNA has, but the income and outcome of his performances is weak at best. ...
  3. The Crap of WWE

    Since I saw the two articles of "The Joy of TNA" and "The Joy of WWE" I figured let me point out the negatives instead of the positives. I will start will WWE, and I'll make a TNA one later on.

    No Prestige For Any Titles

    The WWE title and the WHC have just become an accesory at this point. Edge being an 11 time champion in like 5 years really doesn't ...
  4. Did We As Fans Get Spoiled?

    I look at many of our comments and blogs and how negative they are or how much we all feel like things need to be better or improve. We complain about current stars and reflect on old times and wish why things couldnt be the way they used to be. Are things that bad in wresting? Should some things be changed and improved? Or did we as fans simply get spoiled somewhere along the way?

  5. The Joy of TNA

    Given the usual negativity coming from the Online Wrestling Community I wrote a blog post about "The Joy of WWE." I figured that I'll be fair and do "The Joy of TNA." So without further ado, lets get to it.

    The Face Turn of Fourtune

    Lets face it, the members of Fourtune are the most talented and entertaining in-ring competitors in TNA and when they ...
  6. WWE: The Main Event Flinch Test

    I went very math and stats based on my last blog, but this time I'm going to go with the gut feeling side. I had actually wanted to include this originally with the Christian blog, but felt it deserved it's own time.

    The topic I will discuss today is called "The Flinch Test". What is the Flinch Test? The Flinch Test is when you see a #1 Contender's or World Title match, ...
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  7. Mania Prophecies

    Morning All.

    A few things of note going into Mania that I thought should be laid out on the table. Interesting notes and such with the matches and their stips that give a little insight into the program.

    John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki vs. Laycool and Dolph Ziggler

    UUUGGGGHHH. While I am looking forward to seeing Trish in a mania match and the media ...
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  8. The Joy of WWE

    One thing I have noticed about the Online Wrestling Community is that it tends to be very negative. People are always wishing things were more like the attitude era, or not happy about who's being put over, or the writing etc., etc... It seems that many people either forget or fail to mention why we all love wrestling to begin with. So I am writing this blog post as nothing more or less than a reminder ...

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  9. Wrestling and TNA

    My take on Wrestling and TNA. Or should that be Sports entertainment?
    Yes I recently read an article probably here that a website posted a wrestling article about the WWE and were asked to change it to be worded about Sports entertainment. Well that says it all in my opinion.

    Once upon a time wrestling was put across like a sport. Ranking systems with real titles that actually ...

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  10. Why Not Jake the Snake for Hall of Fame

    Every year the WWE hall of fame comes and goes and among the great wrestlers left out is Jake the Snake Roberts, my question is why? he was one of the top 3 mic guys in the history of wrestling along with Hulk Hogan and Rick Flair, he was one of the top 10 wrestlers of all time. Lets don't pretend Jake was not a pain in the ass which he was but so were Flair, Hogan and HBK. Is it his drug and booze ...

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