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  1. WWE: Extreme Rules Triple Threat Match

    So the WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules is a triple threat match between The Miz, R-Truth and yes.....John Cena.

    I would have preferred to see The Miz v Randy Orton v John Morrison. How has R-Truth managed to get a WWE title match? Don't get me wrong, he;s a good worker in the ring but he is not one of the potential top superstars. I remember at Vengeance PPV in 2002 with The ...

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  2. The Rock v Cena @ Wrestlemania 28 & Cena as the face of WWE?

    I'm not at all surprised by the announcement - I did however assume that Summerslam 2011 would have been the favourite PPV for the match, especially in order to carry the feud between the two superstars for the next few months. By holding the match a good year away, it means we will have forgotten about the feud for a good while until it resurfaces no doubt by the beginning of next year and the run ...
  3. Rock vs Cana: A Year in the Waiting: A Rick Starr Blog Splash

    Well Splashers they can knock me down, but they can't kill me! Here I am once again to give you me 2 an 1/2 cents! And most likely I'll take back to 2 cents for myself, and you can keep the change .

    I watched WrestleMania 27, and I can't say I was that thrilled about it. Sure it had some great points, however it had a lot of dry points as well. I thought the Snooki Mixed tag match ...
  4. Please Stop With All the Pay Per Views

    Ladies and Gentlemen, something tells me that I’m not the only fan out there who thinks this abundance of pay per views needs to stop. I’ve been watching wrestling since very close to the same time as the first Wrestlemania, which means I’ve seen lots of things change over the years. Back then pay per views were a BIG deal. I mean hell, the WWF didn’t even come out with its second annual event ...
  5. Dream WWE vs TNA Matches

    Ofcourse we all talk all the time about WWE vs TNA knowing it won't happen in the near future. I know it won't happen anytime but a man can dream right. I've always believed that WWE had a better product but TNA has the better wrestlers/matches. TNA stars wrestle on Fast-Forward but the product is very dry.


    Eric Young vs Santino Marella
    These are the ...

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  6. The Wrestling Business is Failing

    The wrestling business is failing. With the new era of political correctness and dismay for anything prejudice, the wrestling business faces its biggest challenge ever. The two major companies are at a standstill, neither is improving, neither willing to give up the glory of the old days.

    In this modern world wrestling needs to catch up to this millennium, it needs to be fair to its ...

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  7. Why PG doesn't mean bad wrestling

    Unfortunately for modern wrestling in the WWE, every match, angle and ‘superstar’ are compared to those of the Attitude Era. There’s no doubt that the era was the most thrilling in wrestling history and it really rejuvenated the whole industry but I think some people are confused about what made the time so special.

    At the moment some people complain about PG wrestling and the ...
  8. The Rock vs Cena: Fantasy WM27 Dialogue

    **Note to reader: I've gotten criticism for my dialogue before so if I cause you to vomit, or bang your head on the desk, my apologies.

    It's one week ago at Wrestlemania 27. It's the main-event. The Rock has just got done saying what he came out to say. Everyone is cheering for the Rock and excited at what is about to happen because it'll probably be great. Sadly, that wasn't the ...

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  9. WM27: I quote 'The Grandest mixed reaction of them all'

    Well the 28th annual Wrestlemania has been and gone and not without a mixed reaction. But i think we all knew that it would get a mixed reaction because the fact is you "you can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time"

    I have to admit that my own reaction is mixed for a couple of ...

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  10. WMania '11: A Letdown; WWE Aims for 2012

    Simply put Wrestlemania 27 was a major let down. After all the hype for weeks, especially around The Rock's role at Wrestlemania, we, as fans, assumed big things were going to go down on the big night. It never really happened. What is clear, is that The Rock's involvement in the last few weeks has been a launchpad for the bigger picture - Wrestlemania 28 - the main event match versus John Cena. ...

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