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  1. Is It Wrong For Fans To DESPISE John Cena?

    The following blog is a response to a column here on ewrestlingnews. It is titled "WWE's John Cena And Why He Deserves More Respect" which I will summarize quickly with the following quote down below.


    A man of great integrity, passion, dedication and a love for the sport he became accustomed to at an early age. His road to WWE and
  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    Why did WWE wait this long to have a live episode of Raw in Brooklyn?

    For everything us fans despise about WWE – for some it is John Cena’s mere existence, others are assured that Dolph Ziggler is just not as over as the IWC would like to believe, and many find the storytelling insultingly simple or nonsensical at times – there are a lot of good things to counteract what we loathe. ...
  3. TNA: Pro's & Con's recently

    This year, I've seen some good PRO'S & bad Con's that TNA has made this year. I'll start with the Con's first.

    1. Picking up on the X-Division this late in the year. The X-Division always deserves spotlight, and not by the same few guys like Kenny King ( decent but not a top-3 guy in the division in my opinion), Manic (get rid of this bum), and off-and-on Aries. ...
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  4. Pin Me/Pay Me: The Value of Wins in Wrestling

    Entry 6.

    Orton wins MitB! Everyone's mad!

    For my last blog, I wrote about the value of titles in the modern era; today, I tackle wins and loses.

    Let's start with the basics. I mean the basic basics. Grass roots stuff. Wrestling is a work. I just blew your mind, I know. It's common knowledge on the level of Santa not being real (spoilers). But as basic as it ...

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  5. Thoughts on Money in the Bank 2013

    For you information: This was posted before Raw. It just took a long time to be approved. I might do a Raw report too, but if I don't, I'll just say it was one of the best Raws ever.

    Smackdown Money in the Bank:

    When I first saw this match on paper, I thought it would never work because it would end up turning someone babyface. I thought that they should have ...

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  6. My Summerslam Card

    So if you read my blogs on this fabulous website you know I predominately do a Raw Hits and Misses blog every week and a Be the Booker blog for every PPV. I am going to start to incorporate a new blog now. After every PPV I will make the next card for the upcoming one. I'm not going to make any dream matches or anything but instead I will put matches that are rumored to take place and matches that ...

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  7. Money in the bank 2013 review

    Wow! Philadelphia were electric tonight. So lets start off.

    Kick off tag team championship match: Slow start to the match but a good last few minutes made up for this. Usos were more over than expected. This should've been on the main show though. Its good wwe gave the usos a fair showing.

    Winners: The Shield - I liked the of innovative finish.

    Moment of the ...

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  8. WWE: Missed Opportunities Segement 5

    I meant to get this up before the actual Money in the Bank PPV, but due to technical reasons I was not. Anyways, with that said, I thought I would look at WWE's missed opportunities at superstars who should have won a MITB match instead of the ones they chose for the situation. Let's get started:

    I am not a huge fan of Christian, but knowing what he has done for the WWE ...
  9. WWE – Moving Forward...

    It is 3.01pm on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 in Adelaide, South Australia...
    Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta - BLOG.

    It is I, Ozzy Mandias your Prime Minister of the Wrestling Government, a familiar force returning to claim what is his. It’s been almost two months since my debut, and in terms of views and overall feedback I think I can call my first blog a success. And now I have ...
  10. Superstar Matt Morgan: "Should Morgan be a world champion?"

    All you hear about with Matt Morgan for years has been "potential". Potential to be a main event caliber guy. He has the look and size to pull it off. So why didn't he become what many thought he would? Politics? Lack of oppurtunities? Morgan returned to TNA after teasing that he may leave for WWE around October last year. I didn't believe him going back to WWE would help him get to the ...

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