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  1. Should Punk Defend The Title In Japan?

    I think so. This is kind of a reach, but whatever. I'm high and it's fun to think about this stuff.

    If the WWE can make some sort of deal with one of the companies over there it would be a huge deal. I don't know what they'd want to get out of it as far as straight up money from the events and TV and PPV and whatever. What I do know is that they have a lot to gain as far as legitimacy, ...

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  2. The British Empire.

    Wade Barret, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, William Regal, Kofi Kingston and Tyson Kid.
    What do these men all have in common? Wwe does not use them correctly, they job, fail, lose, are made heel when they should be face, and made face when they should be heel. Well, I have a solution, I give you the idea to create a stable called "The British Empire", now I'm not talking about some crappy ...

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  3. Cena Heel Turn: MISTAKE

    Sup y'all. Third blog today. That's what happens when you drink wine and use Sheiky Baby's "medicine."

    I think this idea of a Cena heel turn is well-meaning but not a good business idea. What is it going to accomplish? Here are the typical reasons why people go heel:
    1) For some reason they're not quite over as a face. they need to get vicious and beat the living hell ...
  4. Bring Back Masked Kane- You're Joking, Right?

    I'm pretty gosh darn tired of something, folks. Every time I read anything having to do with Kane, with what's wrong with the E, masked wrestlers in general, monster heels, fire, necrophilia, the 90's, breakfast cereal, the color red, whatever, there's some yahoo talking about putting the mask back on Kane. Here's why it's not the right move.
    First of all: not going to happen. Absolutely not, ...

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  5. Top 4 PPVs of 2011 (WWE and Impact)

    Alright this is my first blog so go easy on the bashing.

    1. Money in the Bank- The Punk promo got everyone excited about this and no one knew how the match would end. The fact that they tried both the screw-job and cash in endings made it better. The money in the bank matches were pretty good also. I liked Smackdown's better because it was much harder to predict and a better match ...
  6. The Ultimate Solid Wrestlemaina 2012 Card

    Wrestlemania 2012

    1. John Cena vs The Rock - 30 minutes+

    2. WWE Championship The Miz vs John Morrison ( Royal Rumble Winner ), Standard Match or Ladder Match

    3. C.M. Punk ( With Old Spinner WWE Title ) vs The Undertaker, Retirement Match ( Taker wins, retires and wins old WWE Title to take with him. 15 minute post match interview with Taker talking to Punk ...
  7. WWE: A New Frontier...

    Ok first off I am new to this scene but I have been looking through here for about 3 weeks...ever since CM Punk shocked the world with his infamous rant I have been searching for the real story behind it. It led me to this site where I have been finding a lot of interesting reads. Now I am motivated enough to give you some of my ideas on how the WWE should proceed and bring back the excitement that ...

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  8. Fans/Cena-Rock: The Real Problem with WWE

    This is my first blog. So Im very new at this. What I wanted to point out is the main problem with the WWE. The fans. And i know Im gonna get a lot of heat for this but its something I'd like to give my opinion on. Fans today always complain about the "Attitude Era" being over and that its just the not the same now that its more PG friendly. But think about it this way. THe PG era and the ...

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  9. The Miz...Explain your hate..

    I simply do not understand why so many people(IWC community) dislike the Miz. Before he was champion, everyone in their mothers were so stoked when he won the MITB and were sooo anticipating for him to cash in the briefcase. He win's the title and everyone turns on a dime and starts thinking that he doesnt deserve the title.

    Miz has been in WWE since about 2006. He has come from one ...
  10. Larger Wrestlers = Intimidating?

    I'll begin with elaborating with what I personally believe is one of the fundamentals of wrestling the gags and looks, now I hate to use the same people as examples but take Jeff Hardy and imagine him without his gag his looks and his high-flying capabilities. Sabu would be more prominent if that was the case if you remember back to when Jeff Hardy was the Intercontinental Champion that suited him ...

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