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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    It’s been a while since anybody in WWE has uttered the term “ruthless aggression”.

    Mr. McMahon’s mention of this term seemed to set the tone for this week’s Raw, and perhaps the remaining three weeks building to SummerSlam. The show was packed with matches which WWE had labelled as “must see” via the much-plugged WWE App, and all six of them had the potential to steal the show. ...
  2. What does AJ Lee do post Dolph ziggler? can she save Diva Division?

    I'm writing this after i wrong my, i'm not sure what to call, started off as a short thing about AJ/Big E/Dolph and what i think should happen at Summerslam, but ended an in depth look at the next 6+ months of AJ Lee's Career as if i was writing it, a sorta road map to how AJ could save the the Diva Division. hope you enjoy, if you think i'm delusional, that's fine, i wonder the same from time ...
  3. Monday Night Blog Brawl #2

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Monday Night Blog Brawl. Last week, we saw countless vignettes from yours truly and TheGreatOne speech. This week will be another swerve as it will be a dedication to Video games and WHC. While fasten your seat belts as the #1 show for the fans, from a fan, and forever for fans will begin momentarily. Welcome to Monday Night Blog Brawl #2.
  4. Random Thoughts: Impact Wrestling 7-25-13

    Well it’s been a while. Sorry, between work and internet porn, I’ve had distractions. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve kept out of the loop. Actually I’ve been very interested in TNA, who I believe has been on a streak of putting on some pretty damn good quality shows as of late. A shame that TNA will probably be brought down in a year by terrible upper management, but that’s a story ...
  5. My absurdly early Wrestlmania 30 card.

    WM 29 was good in my opinion. However I thought it was catered to the newest and oldest wrestlers in the business. Those in the middle kinda got lost in the mix. WWE will need and want to pull out all the stops for WM 30 and I believe they will. I will leave out the belts as that is too difficult to predict who will have them let alone who will win them. As far as the matches go, here are my predictions. ...

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  6. Booking Challenge: WCW One Night Stand

    People debate all the time about what if ECW had the resources that WCW had, how would have ECW turned out? People ask after the Rise & Fall of ECW, when will they do a WCW version? People wonder what would happen if WCW had a One Night Stand like ECW has had on several occassions. So to not make this ridiculous and say if they did it now. How about if they did it in June of 2005 like when ECW ...
  7. Why WWE Sucks - Part 1: The General Manager

    I thought I would do a blog series different than others and something I have wanted to do for years but never found the time or motivation. This blog series I call 'Why WWE Sucks' and in each blog entry I will list a reason for their failures and a possible solution. Let's face it, WWE has so many issues that you can write an entire book or two on it. Instead of boring people to death with a book, ...
  8. Is It Wrong To Nitpick or Criticize Pro Wrestling?

    Let's clear the air on something. I am a nitpicker. It’s a double edge sword. Sometimes I say and do things that I end up regretting much later. But sometimes, I don’t. In fact, I’m happy I said it.

    We as viewers give these wrestling promotions hours upon hours of our time on a weekly basis. We give pay them thousands upon thousands of our hard earned money each year for PPVs, wrestling ...

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  9. The Great(?) White Hype – Dissecting Sheamus

    Note: I hope people like titles that reference obscure movies, cause that mission is a go.

    I’m about to delve into the world of increasingly unpopular opinion; I like Sheamus. I do. I think he’s pretty good. Not great, not face of your company worthy, but good. Unfortunately he, with a little help from creative, has been digging a hole that will become increasing hard for him to ...

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  10. WWE Raw 7-22-13 Hits and Misses

    Overall Score: 7


    WWE Championship Match Contract Signing: It was very interesting to see this open up the show. Usually contract signings for major titles are used for the ending. With that being said this was a pretty good segment. The way Cena built up Bryan was fantastic and his reason for picking him made sense. The ending of the segment was a little weird with the ...

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