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  1. Great Possible Feuds in the WWE

    Wasson everyone Lucha_Libre here discussing feuds I'd like to see. Only current superstars involved.


    This feud would be epic. The mic work would be amazing plus these 2 are 2 of the best in ring workers currently in the WWE. I'd have a 4 ppv feud for the IC title. CM Punk would win the title 1st in a singles match, then he would also win in their ...

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  2. Greatest Feuds of the Attitude Era: Chris Jericho Vs Chris Benoit Vs Kurt Angle

    In my opinion the year 2000 was the best of the Attitude Era years and I’ll explain why. The Rock, Stone Cold, The Undertaker, Triple H, Mick Foley and Kane had dominated the main event scene since 1998 and while the product wasn’t becoming stale by any stretch of the imagination, there was certainly a key element missing.

    There was a lack of technical ability. But to the WWF’s ...
    Tags: angle, jericho
  3. True Underutilized Talent in: The WWE

    The way I'm determining Underutilized talent in this post, is if I believe the superstar isn't being used properly, and to their full potential.

    5.Drew Mcintyre
    Drew is an extremely underutilized talent. Drew was brought in as the chosen one and almost immediately won the Intercontinental Championship in a good match against John Morrison. Drew held the title for 5 months before ...
  4. The Evolution of The Miz: From The Real World to WWE Champion

    Hey guys, Knox here, hope all is well guys. I'm here to blog about The Miz and kinda sway some of his haters on his side. People really don't realize the fight The Miz went through to get where the hell he is. He busted his ass to get here and that should be the first thing when we look at his transformation from The Real World to making it all the way to the being representing World Wide as THE ...

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  5. Vengeance Run Down

    What's poppin everyone, RatedATB back at it. This is my 2nd official blog on the site and I thought I'd give a review of this past weeks Vengeance. I actually purchased this and it's the 1st non-Wrestlemania ppv I purchased since I believe Bound for Glory 2007...yeah. Don't really know why I bought it, I guess out of boredom and I was kind of interested in how they were going to bring us into Survivor ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  6. Greatest Feuds of the Attitude Era - Mankind/Dude Love/Cactus Jack/Mick Foley

    This blog is about a wrestler who wrestled at the very top and was suggested by both Knox and Sahu. Hope I did him service.
    One of the best main eventers of the Attitude Era, this character was one of the most hated heels/ most popular faces from 1996 to 2000. Somewhat of a cult hero in the wrestling world, he was not the most agile or technically gifted of wrestlers but always put ...
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  7. Should Wrestlemania have a Money In The Bank Match?

    The first money in the bank match occurred at Wrestlemania 21. Since then a further 5 more matches were held at Wrestlemania, the last being at Wrestlemania 26.

    The success of this stipulation led to MITB having its own ppv in July 2010. The most recent edition of this ppv was arguably the best ppv of 2011. However this years Wrestlemania 27 was the first Wrestlemania not to have a ...
  8. WWE Superstars Who Should Of Won The WWE Title & World Heavy Weight By NOW!

    Should Have Won WWE Title By NOW!

    #1 Cody Rhodes
    #2 Wade Barret( W The 1st NEXUS)

    Shouldnt Have Won The WWE Title

    #1 The Miz- Too Much Of A Title For Him
    #2 Sheamus- It Was Too Soon, Hes No Brock Lesnar
    #3 Rey Misterio- This Is A Joke!

    Should Have Won The World Heavy Weight Title By NOW!

    #1 Dolph Ziggler ...
  9. Rising talent being used or misused

    Rising talent being used or misused

    Hi guys it is me again.I wanted to write something like this for a long time but never came the time to do it,in this blog im saying my view how WWE are treating new commers.

    I always here people complaining about how young talent are not being used properly.when they are used they destroy guys like big show,then I hear ...
  10. Top 5 PPVS of 2011

    Wasson everyone Lucha_Libre here discussing the Top PPVS of 2011 so far.


    Recently watched highlights to refresh my memory and it was quite good. In my view Jarrett/Angle was the best in their rivarly - Mr Anderson used a weapon from Hulk Hogan to firmly cement his heel status and the Xscape match was Awesome

    This ...

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