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  1. My favorite WWE feud of 2013

    Forget The Rock vs. John Cena. Forget CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar. And last but certainly not least, forget Punk vs. The Rock.

    In my opinion, my most absolute favorite WWE feud of 2013 involves two up-and-coming young WWE Superstars.


    Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow first teamed up together on the August 27th, 2012 episode of Monday Night ...
  2. Loose Cannon: Night of Champions 2013 Card

    Ladies and gentlemen; welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. After three tremendous blogs about Chris Benoit; I will write a blog about Night of Champions 2013 card. With Summerslam 2013 rapidly approaching, it is time to think about the future and how what outcomes the Summerslam card will have on the next PPV. While hopefully you enjoy the card and please leave feedback in the comment section ...

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  3. WWE: Future Champions

    Haven’t blogged in a while so bear with me but I thought this would be a nice easy topic to get me going again so without further ado, here we go!

    In this blog, I’ll be looking at who I think would make a good champion going into the future for each belt in order to a) bring prestige back and b) to have a memorable/entertaining reign.

    Divas Championship
    So we ...

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  4. What really grinds my gears? Episode 12 - Vanilla Midgets

    Episode 12 - Vanilla Midgets

    Usually I would go into a Peter Griffin style rant here, over the particular subject matter, and have some fun for the sake of having a lighthearted beginning to my blogs.

    However this time I am not in the mood. This subject has somehow slipped through my thought process til just recently, after reading

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  5. My thoughts on how Summerslam will/should go down

    Hi Guys. I just wanted to give my thoughts on Summerslam as the card starts to take shape. Here is the current card which is pretty solid apart from the Ziggler& Kaitlyn vs Big E & AJ match

    Bray Wyatt vs Kane Ring Of Fire (guessing they mean inferno match) - I am not full over on the Wyatt Family like I am with the Shield but I am looking forward to this match. I hope something ...
  6. Somebody will be turning heel at SummerSlam

    Who will it be?

    John Cena will be defending his WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam on Sunday, August 18th and my gut feeling (along with pretty much several members of the IWC) tells me that somebody will be turning heel after the match is over and so, let's dissect the likelihood of who will be entering the dark side after "The ...

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  7. Random Thoughts: Impact Wrestling 8-8-13

    It’s time to pick on TNA again. Now this will be the third week straight that I pick on these poor bastards. Now, it’s not because I hate them. Quite the contrary, I’ve been looking forward to TNA the most every week. The BFG series is clearly the best reason to tune in to their program. But...the last two weeks, the stories have sucked, they really have. The lawsuit, the ...

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  8. WWE Night of Champions Prediction

    Welcome to Wrestling is Bischoff!!!! I don't think I said in the TNA Hardcore Justice prediction, but these matches are what I think will take place but are not a 100%. Night of Champions is just a month away. Interested in seeing the Battleground PPV and hope to see a Wargames match.So here we go!

    Intercontinental Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match:
    Curtis ...
  9. Is WWE going to screw up SS

    Over the past couple of editions of Raw some alarming red flags are starting to arise. Instead of building momentum they are depleting it. Vince and Cena are both now becoming apparently lame on the mic. Cena use to deliver strong promos but now they are brutal. He is getting more boring chants and killing the crowd. The garbage coming out of his mouth is absurd, really you are being underestimated. ...
  10. Loose Cannon: What Danial Beniot Could of Been?

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. This will be my final piece of Chris Beniot blogs as I have seen it has run it's course. I have always been a fan of these blogs but it is finally time that I give it one last shot. This blog does not discuss the life of Chris Beniot but his son who was murdered at the age of 8. His life was taken away from him; from his own father ...

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