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  1. The Comedy of Wrestling, Christian/Edge, Video

    I haven't written one of these in a long time, but something as been really bothering me in the last few months. The Cena Haters. OMG every time, same schpill, not a good wrestler, not a good entertainer, can't cut a decent promo, same shit. Ok, I get it, you have your opinion about what makes wrestling entertaining, but you forget one aspect, the children. (this is a whole other argument, for a different ...

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  2. Blog Wars: KOTR Edition Final: Top 5 RR PPVs

    Welcome to the final match in the tournament. The winner will face the champ in Blog Wars 7. I'd also like to thank everyone for doing the tournament and making top notch lists, without you guys this blog isn't possible. But now we see who will win, will it be Dr. Death the first Blog Wars Champ or The Hit Man who took the title from him.

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    Royal Rumble PPVs

  3. Current Events in WWE, Cena, Jericho, and Punk

    Hello guys, CaptainCharisma here. This is my first blog so I hope it turns out to be a good one. This is how I feel on the current hot issues and superstars in the WWE.

    John Cena

    It has been repeated over a million times, but everyone is tired of seeing Cena do the same exact thing every Monday night. Whether it be the 5 moves of doom Super Cena employs, ...

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  4. My Issue With The Royal Rumble

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. This indeed is my 100th blog. And I can honestly say I've written at least 90 of these blogs in my Computer Science class in college instead of paying attention to my professor lol. I'm blogging on an issue I have with the Royal Rumble. What bracket of stars should win the Royal Rumble? Is it the "Cinderella Stories", the "Rising Stars" ...

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  5. WWE '12: Pros and Cons

    Here a list of some PROS and CONS in WWE '12

    [/B][/U][B]- Championship matches:[/B] I like how you can make a title match during any time.
    [B]- Road to WrestleMania:[/B] A longer storyline in RTWM is something that makes this game great.
    [B]- WWE Universe:[/B] A couple of things I like about this year's WWE Universe mode, tag teams are not created ...
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  6. The Ultimate Wrestlemania line up!

    Hello im new to the Ewrestling universe but have been a avid reader for some time! the blogs are really what keeps coming back read some excellent stuff from Knox,Austin 3:16,Bearkg88 and many more! anyways i decided to do a blog in what would be my ultimate Wrestlemania line up!! with both Superstars from the present and superstars from the past! so here we go without further a do!

    Match ...

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  7. John Cena Blog: Let’s Go Cena/CENA SUCKS!

    I’m just going to give my view on John Cena, his haters, lovers, how he became hated by fans and so on and so forth. For the past number of years, wrestling crowds have been in a great battle with each other when the top dog of World Wrestling Entertainment, John Cena’s theme music hits ...

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  8. I became cool...WWE should try it sometime

    Now I don't know about you lots, but I certainly don't have hardly any friends that I can speak to about wwe, you know like I can't go up to them to say 'did you watch yesterday's raw? And what do you think of this match and that match'. Mainly because they don't watch wwe anymore, a testament to what wwe have done with PG.
    Now I don't if it's because of the area I live in or the people I just ...
  9. Jericho - what to expect?

    First of all, I wish all of you a very happy new year!!

    Like many of you, I am one of the viewers who is pretty disappointed with how WWE treats its talent, largely. And to be honest, I am very unhappy with some really good talent being pushed to a jobber status. I know, only a few get the right push, but till then, it becomes pretty irritating to see them come out every week because ...
  10. General Kurt Angle Blog.

    Hey, well it's a pretty obvious answer I just wanted to praise him for what he's done right and point out something a lot are neglecting to notice. I'll begin with a brief run through of Kurt Angle's career surpassing what generations before him haven't been capable of. Gathered he's an Olympic gold medallist in my opinion he rides it too much but it works for him; I mean the gimmick has a heel, face ...
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