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  1. Gentlemen's Corner: Submission wrestling

    Dear Sirs and Madams,
    Allow me to introduce myself to you. I am a long-time reader of ewrestlingnews and since like a year i've been reading trough the blogs of the likes of: Knox, Rick Splash, Dk-wrestling Savior, Dr Death and the Crippler. Since i enjoy reading other persons thoughts on the subject that all binds us together, i was wondering if myself could also pull it off to share my piece ...
  2. Top 5 Funniest Moments - Volume 2 (Y2J - Chris Jericho)

    To kick off volume 2 it only seemed right that we go for our recent returnee, the ayatollah of rock and rolla, some of the funniest moments of WWE have come at the hands of Y2J. When it comes to comedy, Chris Jericho really is 'the best in the world at what he does'.

    Chris and Vince Discuss Updating Vince's Music

    After returning from his first break away from the WWE Chris ...
  3. Change the Rules of Tag Team

    Hear me out, for the idea I have had is a long shot heaped with controversy if it were to ever be implemented.

    Watching last weeks Smackdown show I saw a tag team match that not only had me interested but more importantly had the crowd interested - the tornado tag match between epico & primo v the Uso's.

    The crowd loved it, it was incredibly fast paced with plenty of ...

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  4. Predictions for Heel/Face turns in 2012

    Second post. As the title say, this is all about my predictions for who will be turning heel, turning face, and what kind of impact each will have on the individual. I'll begin with the Face to Heel turns:

    1. John Cena: They NEED to do this. Even if it isnt a full heel turn, at least make him a more serious character. I believe Cena and the WWE will benefit from a change of character ...
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  5. STATE OF THE 'E: Territories And Indies

    Hello everyone and welcome to the newest edition of STATE OF THE 'E in blog form. They say writing is a good form of therapy. Well, right now I kind of need it. So, as usual... Bare/bear with me as I ramble off my thoughts and opinions on something else. This time I'm going to talk about something I don't see being talked about.

    How important were the Territories to development?
  6. 5 Greatest Heel Turns Ever

    Hey wrestling fans, here's a list of my 5 favourite heel turns. These are instant and surprising heel turns you didn't see coming, and they made the character into a mega heel and major player. This is not about how the heel turn turned out, this is about the moment of revealing.

    5 Rikishi admits he ran down Stone Cold

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  7. Even Newer Perspective on A Cena Heel Turn

    Welcome Everyone to DKmania!! *waiting for loud, glorious ovation to end*.

    I'm back with sort of a follow up, but now, just a newer thought that came across my mind when seeing the rewind of the Cena/Kane segment where Cena viciously took out Jack Swagger. Is that the final sign for the heel turn? Could it actually be happening now? Or will Cena Rise Above Hate, and remain the most hated ...
  8. Blog Wars 9: Top 5 Mic Workers

    Welcome back to another episode of Blog Wars. The last match ended in a tie so Dr. Death retains because he is the champion. However Deadly can compete in 10 if wants to because he did not lose. But for this week Dr. Death will defend against fellow Feature Blogger Rick Starr. Here is the list

    Top 5 Mic Workers

    Anyone from any company counts past and present so let's ...

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  9. WWE SmackDown Recap and Review

    Video Recap of last week and AJ getting carried out on a strecher after her collision with Big Show air before the show starts.
    Lillian Garcia announces the arrival of Daniel Bryan and the boos immediately start flooding in. Daniel Bryan's heel turn has just been played out masterfully. When he enter the ring he does so looking REALLY pissed. Although sometimes D-Bry is a bit iffy on the ...

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  10. My Wrestlemania predictions

    Sup guys, this is my first blog, so thank you for reading. I wanna post my WM predictions here, who I feel will fight one another, along with who I feel will win. So here it goes:

    1. Money in the Bank: Kofi Kingston v. Dolph Ziggler v. Cody Rhodes v. Jack Swagger v. R-Truth v. The Miz v. Sheamus v. Jinder Mahal v. Zack Ryder

    Winner: Dolph Ziggler- Unfortunately, as great ...

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