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  1. Why oh Why does the IWC have to dump on everything?

    Hello Everybody, pay attention.

    I've not been writing here for long but I've read shit loads of blogs, the majority of which are just recycled every week. Examples include "Who needs to get pushed","Why WWE has ruined X and Y's push","What I would have done about Raw/Smackdown/Previous PPV". It's a bit tiresome an unoriginal, much like this blog but what ...

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  2. #RR12 Missed Opportunities

    I felt the Royal Rumble was a show of missed opportunities. The matches were good, and some aspects were entertaining, but I found something missing. Perhaps, the best way to describe the issue is that the matches at the RR don't seem to have a huge impact (if any at all) on the over-arching backdrop of the WWE Universe. It did not prove momentous, epic, historic, which I believe should be the goal ...
  3. A Realistic and Entertaining Wrestlemania Card

    Hello, and welcome to my first ever blog! I've always enjoyed reading others work here on the site, and I finally decided I'd join in on the fun. I'm a long time fan of proffesional wrestling, and I love making match cards and seeing how they measure up to the final event. Please enjoy as I take a look at each of my predicted Wrestlemania matches.

    1- John Cena Vs. The Rock
    As Wrestlemania ...

    Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior, or DK Genius for short, is back with another post. I figure 75 people will post their Royal Rumble thougts on the blog board so, as always, I'm throwing a curve ball.

    However, it's not much of a curveball is it? My title pretty much says what this blog is going to be. Because I'm officially done with the Chris Jericho saga. Let's look at a run-down of what ...

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  5. 2012 Royal Rumble reaction

    Okay so in my last post, I predicted Chris Jericho to win the Royal Rumble match. He nearly did, but Sheamus won instead. Honestly, I didn't see it coming. But good for Sheamus.

    In another one of my last posts, I predicted Sheamus to face Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 28 for the World Heavyweight Championship. This could happen if Bryan is able to hold onto the title past Elimination ...
  6. 2012 Royal Rumble

    Although I can expect a lot of other people blogging about this PPV, I thought i'd try to get in early about what I feel about everything that just happened. Maybe injecting a few lulz here and there along the way too...I know I waffle on about bullshit quite a bit but it is a never boring read.

    After WWE waste about $10,000 of pyro and fireworks the card begins with the World Heavyweight ...

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  7. The Modern Day Wrestling Fan and The IWC

    Whats up guys? I'm Taylor Westfall, been coming to this site for a long time now catching the news and reading the blogs, and this is my first blog so bear with me if my grammar is awful, if i go off topic or clash topics and what not. i'll try to make this less painful as possible

    Now some of you guys yourselves may take offense to this, and if you do i send you my humblest of apologies. ...
  8. Royal Rumble Reaction

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again with my thoughts on this years Royal Rumble. I'm not gonna waste any time so without further ado...

    Match #1 - Steel Cage World Heavyweight Championship - Daniel Bryan (c.) vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry
    Not the greatest match, but it was ok for what it was worth. You had two big men, one of which was injured, and little D-Bry so you can't ...
  9. ShowTime: The Next Main Eventers of The WWE

    Ladies and Gentleman its your UltimateOpportunist and it's ShowTime!

    First of, whatever i'm about to say is just my opinion, idea, or point of view. I do not want to offend anyones believes so if you comment please do keep that in mind.

    Alright, lately everyone has been on about the Royal Rumble and who will win it, or who they want to win it but that is just not my style. ...
  10. What I Love About The Royal Rumble Match

    Yo what up, Kid Contra Here! I wrote my first blog a few days ago and to my surprise it was rather successful. I just wanted to thank the community for not only reading my blog and sharing your thoughts, but for sharing intelligent, insightful thoughts, On my Youtube ch which you can check out here... the comments range ...

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