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  1. More than Just a Raw Review: Lots of Stuff.

    Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here hoping you all had a great weekend. I enjoyed the Superbowl, and like I'm sick of seeing Cena and Orton in the title picture, I'm sick of seeing The Patriots in the Superbowl and was very happy to see The Giants win.

    Okay,k let's jump right in as I have a lot of stuff to talk about here. I'll do my best to not jump all over the place.
  2. Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts The Good, The Bad, and The Indifferent

    So after one comment last week, I decided to change the title of my weekly Raw review from Impartial to Indifferent, because the person made a good point. Now, onto the review. Let's get the bad out of the way first shall we.

    The Bad

    No Raw only matches for the first hour and a half
    So I am sitting here thinking "Is today friday? It can't be friday..I'm not at ...

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  3. Pipe bombs, promos, and a Cena-less Raw

    Hello all, me again. As per usual I'm going to review Raw from my own personal perspective. As the title would suggest, tonight's Raw seemed heavy on the promos and video packages. It was. But we also got a fun main event and even Khali managed to not suck in a match (he was carried by Randy Orton to be completely fair though). Anyway, let's get this started.

    Raw was indeed heavy ...
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  4. 5 Divas WWE Dropped The Ball on.

    Alright guys, It's Black Falcon once again with My newest Blog. On a side-note, I'm thinkin of gtting an official title for any future blogs, any ideas will be welcomed. Anywho, on to the main event:

    Even though most of them are piss poor and can't put a match on, there's no doubt that the WWE Divas do have some genuine talents within their ranks. Beth Phoenix and Natalya instantly spring ...
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  5. Greatest Matches You Will Never See!

    With WrestleMania coming around I wanted to take the time to go through a list of dream matches we will definitely and problably never see. To me these are the matches that should have been main events or title matches.

    1. The Rock vs Shawn Michaels: Iron Man match for the WWE Championship.
    With out a doubt 2 of the greates of all time. Can you imagine the match these men could ...
  6. Reinventing the WWE in 2011, Part 1: The Tag Teams

    Hello all, Main Event here. I really enjoy blogging, and I'd like to get noticed as as a good blogger around here. In order to get myself more noticed, I'll be producing these every 1-3 days. This will be a series of a fre (or a lot) of parts on how to totally reinvent the WWE in 2012. I'd really enjoy it if you kept a look out for these in the future, as I think I will approach some really interesting ...
  7. Answer me this about Cena and Rey

    (Authors note: This started off as thread but went off the handle and hope it makes a decent blog, thanks)

    Recently here on the forum i was reading one of the IWC superstar polls and noticed that Rey Mysterio has been going over a lot of the other IWC favorites. while reading the comments majority of the guys who voted were all in support for Rey for reason he can put on great matches ...
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  8. Blog Wars 11: Top 5 Big Men in Wrestling

    Welcome to another episode of Blog Wars. Last week, deadly56 was able to end Dr. Death's reign by just a few votes in very close match. This week Wade Barrett 1979 looks to end his reign and become the Blog Wars Champion. Without further ado here is the list.
    Top 5 Big Men
    This week I asked the competitors to name some the best big men wrestlers in history. Criteria: Must be above ...

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  9. A history reflection + WWE's current problems

    I've never posted on here, but I enjoy most of the blogs and all the information provided by the site. I've recently watched the most recent Stone Cold DVD for the 3rd time and had some thoughts:

    **Stone Cold was a fuckin trooper. Seriously....I've never seen one wrestler go at it when injured like him. There's a reason he will always be the most popular wrestler of all time.** ...
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  10. A cool little storyline I'd like to seee. (Part one)

    Hey! First blog status!

    Well, on WWE 12 I'm on Storyline designer, and I've decided to take it from recent events. For instance, Triple H returning and all. Well I sort've had an idea that would, at least in my mind be cool. It's another power struggle, as we all know Triple H took Vince McMahon's job from it (storyline wise) well essentially, Raw has plunged into chaos, Kane has been ...

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