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  1. Having a favorite wrestler...

    In life routing for one entity often personifies your direction of attitude and actions, whether it’s supporting your favourite football club or having a favourite boxer. Whenever your boxer fights or team plays you might order the PPV or actually go pay and watch the match. Having a favourite, adds to the love of the entertainment or sport you watch simply because you want to watch you’re ...
  2. 15 Greatest WWE Rivalries (96-Present)

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. Today I'm blogging on the greatest rivalries in the WWE basically from 96-present. I thought it would be something cool to touch. This will be opinionated. Whats entertaining to me might not be entertaining to you all but its wrestling so lets have fun with this.

    Message to the Haters:

    I don't even believe I'm addressing this, I',
  3. CM Punks Title Reign

    I just read a Blog Ripping Poor Knox apart and I read the comments section of that blog and Knoxs was being ripped even more... I dont really agree with Knoxs taste or views when it comes to wrestling but even when people are be belittling him and insulting him he always seems level headed and respectful and for that I do respect Knoxs.

    But the Blog in question, That cause such a Uproar ...

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  4. Thoughts on CM Punk

    Hey blog readers. One again, I will be giving my thoughts on certain wrestlers in their respective companies. Now the wrestler that I will be talking about is CM Punk since hes been the talk of the forums as of late.

    CM Punk

    What's not to like about CM Punk? Hes one of WWE's

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  5. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - My Dream Tag Teams

    [B]Dolph Ziggler and The Miz -[/B] They are both cocky, arrogant and egomaniacs but they can back up there words most of the time and they are two of the most perfect heels in WWE and would make an awesome tag team (NO PUN INTENDED). TEAM NAME: Perfectly Awesome or Awesome Perfection.

    [B]Christian and Daniel Bryan -[/B] I think these two would make a pretty good tag team. Bryan needs ...
  6. A VERY LONG Blog about The Rock and his career as a wrestler

    Hi everybody, the last few days there have been an overwhelming amount of blogs that have appeared, some for, most against, The Rock. If you haven't read my blogs before, or forget, I grew up as a WWE fan in the 80's, and quickly my hero's were Hulk Hogan, Million Dollar Man (definitive heel), Macho Man Randy Savage and funnily enough Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (he really had a lovely head ...

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  7. Sheamus versus Bryan, Orton, or Regal?

    I'm excited for Wrestlemania 28. It is not a perfect card, but look back at any Wrestlemania and find me one? It's not possible. What we have this year, though, are some matches definitely worth looking forward to. An epic encounter between The Rock and Cena. You can hate Cena and resent The Rock, but you have to admit that moment when they meet eye-to-eye in that ring will make you remember why you ...

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  8. Why most of the IWC never seem to be happy

    I've been a wrestling fan for years now and while scrolling around on the internet reading multiple different news stories, comments, blogs and etc. on the wrestling business, I've come to the conclusion that wrestling fans, and people in general, like to bash what is currently the hottest, most popular thing going, which is a major reason why the IWC never seems to be happy. People like to act like ...
  9. Blog Wars: Top 5 Tag Teams 2000-2012

    This is a #1 contenders edition of Blog Wars. The winner of these will face off against the Blog Wars champion in the 15th episode. Here is the list. These lists will be simple usually.

    Top 5 Tag Teams (2000-2012)

    Basically, I want to see who they think are the best tag teams from the 2000s to create a little uniqueness. The team can exist before that time but any accomplishments ...
  10. Could Triple H Do It?

    In my mind, Undertaker will win the Hell In A Cell match. But, there are a couple of points that suggest otherwise...

    Does Calaway Really Care?
    WWE cares about the streak more than anyone else, including the 'Phenom'. Sources are saying that he wants the streak to end so he doesn't retire with such a legacy, and Kurt Angle says similar things. Previously, the McMahons have laughed ...

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