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  1. Yes Yes Yes? The Raw Review

    Epic doesn’t begin to describe this week’s Raw. I’ll admit that a lot of the reason for my reaction is that I was there, and can safely say that the crowd on Monday evening (we got it first America, muhahaha! Lol) made a hell of a case for the hosting of a future WrestleMania at Wembley Stadium. Also, the “what?” chant seems to have died out in favour of “yes!” chants – they
  2. My Opinion on How to Fix the problems in the WWE

    There is a few things I don't understand about the WWE, I seen so many sure fire things that will be a instant success that the WWE seems to put more effort in to making it fail than they do to make it work... Here is a few Ideas I have that I think could make The WWE better creatively and financially.

    This might not appeal to everybody, But now That Smackdown talent ...

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  3. Expansion: Booking Slammiversary

    TNA has been getting some bad publicity recently, maybe fairly or maybe its harsh. However Lockdown should have been titled Letdown, it was a truly terrible show. TNA needs to recover in two months at Slammiversary so they must produce a great show with a great card. I have posted my ideas on someone elses blog but here I go into more detail about what I would do. It's always fun to play booker so ...
  4. The Abdominal Stretch: Playing Catch Up...Smackdown, TNA, and Raw

    Hey wrestling fans. The Saviour here with another edition of, The Abdominal Stretch. I didn't post one this weekend because there was a lot going on and time didn't permit. So now, I have to play catch up.

    I posted yesterday that it was Monday and I wasn't excited. At the end of it, I wished that Raw would prove me wrong and not disappoint me. Unfortunately, it did. I don't know what ...
  5. Wrestlings Biggest Star...The Audience

    Hi all,

    For this blog I thought I’d look at the biggest member or any wrestling companies roster…the audience. And a hot live audience is to me the key to strong ratings and over performers.

    There is the argument that a crowd varies from city to city and from country to country (Although International shows are always going to look strong as the crowd see the shows live ...
  6. The Raw Review

    The Raw Review 4/16/2012

    WWE Monday Night Raw 4/16/2012
    The O2 Arena London, England

    1. No Disqualifications WWE Title: CM Punk© vs Mark Henry

    I really enjoyed this match. Anyone who thinks CM Punk is too small
  7. RAW Reflections - April 16th 2012


    I would really love to see a big shake up at RAW. things are getting very repetitive and ordinary. this weeks episode of RAW was a real put you to sleep episode.

    THE GOOD: DANIEL BRYAN. His backstage confrontation with Kofi Kingston and AJ was priceless. one my favorite backstage segments I have seen in a while. I thought he would stop after ...
  8. Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

    What is up everybody? I hope everyone had a good weekend, as I did myself, and what a great way to kick off the week than with an episode of Monday night Raw. This week it came to us from over the pond, and I refrained from reading the spoilers as I like to watch it as it ...
  9. TNA Slammiversary 2012 Ideal Layout and Predictions

    Greetings community,
    With Lockdown now officially behind us, it is time that TNA Wrestling needs to focus on it's equivalent to WWE's SummerSlam. That event, is Slammiversery. This is an event that TNA needs to take seriously, it's one of the organizations flagship Pay-Per-Views, and they can't have it the least bit disorganized. Here is an ideal outlook at how I feel TNA ...
  10. TOP 10 Divas/Knockouts Entrances - w/ Videos

    Ok so I've seen a few entries on here about the top entrances of superstars but I feel as if the divas and knockouts should get some recognition!

    So let's get started! Top 10 of all time!

    10. Torrie Wilson

    Why? No matter what the music, Torrie had a sexy entrance and usually got a good pop from the crowd! ...

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