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  1. A Dissection of The Divas of Doom

    During the Summer of last year we saw the heel turn of beth pheonix on RAW, just after she had earned title shot at divas champ kelly kelly. She claimed that the days of the cute, perky and ridiculous days of champs like Kelly were over with.

    Hope within wrestling fans rose.

    That following Smackdown, Natalya turns heel also, when she turns her back on AJ and Kaitlyn ...
  2. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Extreme Rules 2012 Predictions

    Hey everyone. I'm back again with another post. I know I said I would steer away from Ozfan's Opinions for a little bit but with Extreme Rules just around the corner, I thought I'd share my predictions with you. Hope you all enjoy. WARNING!: CONTAINS RAW SPOILERS

    [LEFT][B]WWE Championship match
    [B]CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho
    [/B]This match is a Chicago Street ...
  3. RAW Reflections - April 23rd 2012

    YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME.......A 3 hour RAW supershow = 3 hours of very entertaining WWE programming. Minus a few speed bumps along the way. This was the best episode of RAW since the post Wrestlemania edition in my opinion.

    OPENING THOUGHTS: There was a lot going on during RAW this week they covered a lot of ground and really gave a lot of screen time to superstars and divas who wouldn't ...
  4. Thoughts on WWE: Draft, Lesnar, and The Miz.

    Okay. This is my Second Post here, so i'm still learning the ways of it. As I Said In My Last Post, I'm Brazilian and i Don't Speak English very well.
    I'm getting straight on this One because i'm damn tired. It's 03:00AM right Now.

    Okay. Last Year was when i started to Watch WWE. (Here in Brazil we didn't had a way to watch WWE since 2008. Then i found Live Streams in Many ...

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  5. Yes Yes Yes? The Raw Review

    Before I get this review started, I want to address something which has been a pretty big deal since WrestleMania - crowd reactions. At the end of the day the crowd in Miami really set the bar high for every crowd who has the pleasure of seeing WWE live. This leads me into the content of my blog entry this week - Detroit really let the recent string of great crowds down, and it had a significant
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  6. The Abdominal Stretch: Some Raw, Some TNA, Some of Both

    Welcome wrestling fans to another edition of The Abdominal Stretch. This actually marks three straight weeks that I have included TNA in my weekly blog. And in my opinion, rightfully so because there's some pretty cool things happening over there. I'll also be hitting on some things from Raw and in WWE in general. I won't be talking about Smackdown though, because I feel this past Friday's Smackdown ...
  7. 5 of the greatest Hell In A cell match's

    The Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels
    Bad Blood 1997

    The first ever hell in a cell match in wwe featured two of the biggest names in the wwe and both superstars put on the best match of the night with Shawn Michaels taking a bump off of the hell in a cell and the debut of Kane this match hooked me on wwe over all the other promotions and probably the best match the two

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  8. Was That A Poot? Blog 7: Where'd All The Little People Go?

    Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another sphincter tightening adventure on your computer from I the breezy butting, Ric Flair strutting (sagging balls of doom included), child scaring, mullet wearing, lovable, huggable, redneck Poot-Hair. Yes that's right, my blogs are more exciting than a Pujabi Prison match combined with a Viagra on a Pole match between Larry Zbysko and Mr. Ric Flair himself with ...

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  9. WBC Top 5 Series #2 Top 5 Non Wrestlemania PPVs

    What is up everybody! It is time for another edition of WBC Top 5. Last week, The Piper overtook the champ RatedATB and became the new WBC Top 5 Champ. This week, RatedATB gets his rematch. On top of that, he got to choose the topic, and he chose the top 5 non WM PPVs. So, without ...
  10. Are Creatives in TNA on the Same Page?

    While watching TNA last Thursday, I had a lot more questions than answers after Lockdown. I have no idea what the direction of the company is especially with their champions. I'll see if someone can answer some of these questions for me especially the title question which I'll start with. What questions did I ask myself after Impact?

    1.Is everyone in TNA on the same page? AJ Styles complaining ...

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