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  1. The Greatest Ever In Wrestling?

    Now before i start let me state what i mean by the term "greatest". I am not talking about the best technical wrestler but the overall best in terms of popularity, superstardom and how over they where in there prime. I would also like to state i am not including wrestlers before Wrestlemania began due to lack of TV evidence and the sports popularity, wrestlers such as Buddy Rodgers, Lou ...
  2. Blog Wars 19: Top 6 Entrances

    Welcome to another edition of Blog Wars!!! Destruction was not able to do a blog for this round because of tech. difficulties and other obligations so this week we have 2 brand new guys here to fill his empty spot. This week it will be RavenEffect vs Giddy in what is sure to be a classic. Here is this weeks list

    Top 6 Entrances
    Criteria: No special one night entrances, ...
  3. The Top 5 Babyfaces in the WWE Today

    It's very hard to be the good guy (or gal) in the WWE today. Unless your name is either John Cena or CM Punk, babyface Superstars and Divas hardly don't get any mic time. But nevertheless, there are always babyfaces who stand out in the WWE and so without further delay, here are the top five good guys (and gals) who generate huge pops in the WWE today.

    Honorable Mention

    BRODUS ...

    Updated 04-26-2012 at 12:32 PM by Dashing Rachel

  4. The Top 5 Heels in the WWE Today

    Heels definitely rule in the WWE today. From arrogant to ruthless to just downright violent, the WWE's most despised Superstars and Divas sure know how to get plenty of heat in the WWE today. And so without further ado, here are five of the most intimidated villains in the WWE today.

    Honorable Mention

    MARK HENRY: He is one of the most ruthless monster heels with his angry ...
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  5. The ultimate dude's tribute to awful feuds

    Hello everybody, Hi doctor Nick.

    We're not quite on those terms yet, and likely never will be, but this is the Ultimate Dude and I'm here to trample you with raging elephants, cause yknow, Ultimate Warrior did it.

    Seriously though, if you know me all you know is that I'm super hardcore, anti establishment, I dont play by anybody elses rules, not even my own, and my breed ...

    Updated 04-25-2012 at 07:01 PM by The Ultimate Dude

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  6. Top 5 I Quit matches

    Top 5 I Quit matches
    We have extreme rules, last man standing and we have the I Quit match. No match is more brutal imo than the I quit match. To win an I quit match you need to make your opponent say the words I quit.

    This time I’m going to rate the top 5 I quit matches in the wrestling history. This is my opinion about the matches so take your time and share your own opinion ...
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  7. How to Regain a Loyal Fan

    3) Give me something worth coming back to see next week

    In the late 1990s, I saw a wrestling event that will forever be burned in my brain. On a typical episode of Nitro, the usual bland BS was happening during the overrun. The nWo Army was in the ring, squashing everything (including the company) in their path, when the camera cut quickly. It did not cut to the entrance ramp, ...
  8. Is Ziggler The New Punk?

    What is up everybody! So I've been thinking about this for the last few weeks, and finally decided to write a blog on it. A little bit ago, I posted a thread titled Push/Depush where people would say 3 stars they'd have pushed, and 3 stars they'd have depushed. The common name throughout the push choices, Ziggler. To me, I feel 90% of the IWC favors Ziggler, and there is that 10% that despises him. ...
  9. List of great Latino and Latina americans in wrestling.

    In my last blog i talked about TODAYS best afrian american wrestlers and really enjoyed reading the comments but i recieved an intersenting comment to do one on latin americans. I saw it as a challenge so since last week i been paying close attention to the Latins in wrestling and this is just my take on it.

    Essa Rios- ...
  10. A bonus blog - Miz mired by a C-O-N-spiracy?

    WrestleMania XXVII seemed like the start of something different for WWE. John Cena had finally lost a singles match at WrestleMania, and The Miz had finally won the big one (albeit with help from The Rock). Regardless of the quality of the match (it wasn’t a classic) and the fact that the match acted as a mere catalyst for John Cena and The Rock to build to a great match at ‘Mania XXVIII,

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