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  1. Was it really a heel turn?

    I don't think CM Punks actions was really a heel turn. He's always been kind of a tweener in my opinion. His character has been the face that speaks his mind. In the same realm as Steve Austin. Despite his actions he will still be cheered.

    I may be going to deep into it but his character needs to hold onto the Championship. It will be him against the management again in the form ...
  2. Top 10 Countdown of the best Summerslam matches of all-time!!

    Summerslam is a big 4 ppv that WWE believes is the #2 ppv behind Wrestlemania of the year. I don't believe that is true, but Summerslam has had its good and bad moments as I've already covered. Now it is time to discuss the best matches in the history of the ppv. I'll give you my personal top 10 that I believe are the 10 best of all-time. Don't claim it to be fact, it is my opinion. I made a huge ...
  3. Who is left for Undertaker?

    This is my first blog, so I hope it goes well. After watching Undertaker and Kane join forces at Raw 1000 there was a little part of me that wanted to see Kane turn on his brother. Maybe leading to a WM29 match Kane vs Taker, brother vs streak. This got me thinking, who is left in WWE for Undertaker to face at WM29?
    Sure there is Brock and Rock, but they only have one year contracts and Cena/Rock ...
  4. Why CM Punk turning heel isn't that big of a deal.

    So for weeks, the build up to 1000th Raw had been made into a momentous occasion. While it was fun seeing the old faces for a little reunion, something big needed to happen for the show itself to be memoriable and lead into a exciting angle to lay out through out the summer. With much speculation in what this big angle is going to happen, it was WWE champion CM Punk 'turning his back on the fans' ...

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  5. CM or Cena?

    When people read the title I know you automatically assumed I was asking who is better. But actually I wanted to write about the "heel" turn that happened on Raw's 1000th episode. First off I think a lot of people seen this coming. Second off I will never boo Punk for anything. He's not a believable heel. I love the guy which is why I'm saying this. It's not really going to effect much. ...
  6. 5 Wrestlers the IWC Turned On

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I wanted to talk about some wrestlers that the IWC begged to get pushed and then turned on them when it actually happen. I always tell people that if I was a wrestler, I would never wanna be one of the "internet" darlings because they turn on you in a hot second. I'm going to talk about 5 of the popular ones. I hope you guys find a way to enjoy ...

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  7. Great One: WWE Failed Returns

    Hi ya! names Great One lol but here is my list of failed WWE returns.

    1) Brock Lesnar: Everyone knew he was coming back, There were chants way before he debuted.And then what happens? He loses his first ppv match but yet the Rock wins his first match back. And then he quits and then later agrees to face Triple H at Summerslam which I wouldn't be surprised if Brock lost. In my book he ...
  8. The Wrestling Backfire: Brock Lesnar’s Return’s Failing (John Cena, HHH, Paul Heyman)

    Whether it’s the critical fans, exposure of the business, realizing that their favorite wrestlers aren’t the men they portray on TV, or the dirt sheets that reveal spoilers, many fans believe the internet has ruined their love for the business. Personally, I’ve become a bigger fan because of the internet of professional wrestling, but I of course carry a lot of bias because
  9. John Cena/ Brock Lesnar/ The Rock ?

    This is my first blog ever. So I hope you enjoy, hope you comment on your thoughts, and please any feedback to improve would be greatly appreciated.

    My name is Dave King obviously, and I want to keep my blogs short, sweet and to the point. So wish me luck!

    Since Brock Lesnar's return, I felt that the WWE has handled him wrong. Brock realistically could handle anyone in the ...
  10. Ramblings of a Madman: Just for the hell of it

    It’s no secret that I am against the mentality of using WWE Superstars from days gone by to grab ratings. I am an advocate of making stars out of the current crop of workers that are there, and only using ‘Legends’ to put over new talent and develop storylines.

    Raw 1000, for the most part, seemed to use the same thought process as me, and it was great to see. With ...

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