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  1. The biggest heel in WWE

    Hey guys! I Haven't written any blogs in a while so hopefully I'm not too rusty. Today I wish to discuss a subject I've read alot about and felt like giving my 2 cents on and that subject is the biggest heel in WWE. In order to do this I think a brief history lesson is in order.

    As many of us know the Attitude Era was considered a great era in wrestling history, one that is truly missed ...
    Tags: john cena, wwe
  2. If WWE Wrestlers were MLB Franchises

    Major League Baseball's spring season is in full swing, and I'm really bored, so I've decided to assign each WWE Wrestler (no Divas) to a MLB Franchise. The criteria are probably pretty vague and there might be times where I don't have much reasoning (gut calls). Without further ado:

    American League

    New York Yankees -- John Cena
    Reasoning: I don't get why I have ...
    Tags: mlb, romanflare, wwe
  3. 5 Things that WILL HAPPEN during 2012 in the WWE

    Kid Contra here! I am getting very impatient on this long road to WRESTLEMANIA (In the voice of Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon,) so I decided to take some of that energy and put it to good use by writing this blog. Though this blog would have been better served at the start of 2012 I didn't think of a till just now so (LAY OFF ME- Chris Farley SNL...... I decided ...
  4. Vanity Blog: Twitter and Wrestling

    Oh! Hello. How're yo--Wait! Is that...Is that a title for my blogs?! Aww yeah! people, 11 months into EWN I finally thought of a name.

    Speaking of EWN. I'd just like to point out that EWN is about to hit 500 blogs. Congrats to EWN for hitting a grand achievement, I feel this calls for a badass blog!

    So what topic will we discuss today? The upcoming battle of generations ...

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  5. The Divas Division: People Got It All Wrong...

    Wrestlemania XVIII

    Ever since that rumor article went around that said WWE officials are against having a Divas match at Wrestlemania, it dawned on me when they mentioned that the officials think we're interested in other matches above a Divas match.

    If this really is from WWE's creative meetings, this really gives me a pretty clear idea on why the Divas Division is what ...

    Updated 03-06-2012 at 12:05 PM by OneTimePosterShorry

    Tags: divas, eve, raw, smackdown, wwe
  6. Pre-taped promos, a Hell of a risk, and the Cobra strikes

    Hey people, me again with another blog on Raw (and for that one guy last week who decided to read blogs about Raw before actually seeing the show, *SPOILER ALERT*).

    I think I'm safe from disagreements when I say that we saw a lot of The Rock and John Cena, but not too much was actually said. On top of that we got a pretty decent match from the Championship match competitors (although
    Tags: raw, wwe
  7. The Shadow Effect: Greatest Wrestlemania Matches

    Hello readers and watchers of wrestling. My name again is Zachary Morales and I will be your humble host for this blog post. I want to thank everyone who read my first blog and if you haven't yet, I would suggest reading it. But if you don't, thats ok. Anyway, before we get on to why I'm here I want to talk about Raw last Monday. I thought it was a great show and the highlights for me were the beginning ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  8. The Splash: If Cena, Orton, Punk, and Sheamus all left the WWE.

    What if Cena, Orton, Punk, and Sheamus all Left the WWE.

    Hello Splashers. Today we are going to try something a bit different. Rather than use the typical “Top 5” I am going to start using another concept called “What If”. Let’s imagine for a moment that several people had ...

    Updated 02-28-2012 at 08:14 PM by Frank

  9. Wrestlemania Season: Reality Era?

    *Note: Credit to DUBS for the label "Reality Era".

    Three of the four already announced matches are taking a noticable turn towards the same direction: Realism. I don't mean "no kayfabe", but more in the sense of "shoot" statements thrown into regular promos. Let's go example by example.

    Chris Jericho vs CM Punk (C) for the WWE Championship ...
  10. The Shadow Effect: My first Ring of Honor Show

    Hello readers and watchers of wrestling. My name is Zachary Morales and I will be your host for this blog post. Let me introduce myself first before we get to why I'm writing today. I have been watching wrestling for about 15 years. I am now 18 years old. As you can tell I've been watching since I was pretty young. Wrestling to me is an escape. I like most of you want, wrestling to come back to the ...
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