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  1. MY DREAM WWE DRAFT for 2012

    Hello guys! Every year,we are waiting for one of much awaited event in WWE history, the WWE Draft. And i wanna tell to anyone what's my dream draft for this year...

    From RAW drafted to SmackDown

    The Miz -
    SD needs a top heel for midcard and i know he fits for this role

    Kane -
    since Lord Tensai is the monster of RAW Brand and Mark Henry is injured,let him bring ...

    Updated 05-18-2012 at 12:35 PM by arvin100

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  2. WWE's Misused Rosters

    Here are some WWE Superstars that needs a BREAK
    (On my Opinion)

    Yoshi Tatsu

    His run during ECW was good...building hype for him was great.And then, I thought he will be given a break but after ECW gone being a jobber for years,DAMN!!.Actually I can't remember the last time he won a match

    She's one of talented divas today but making her a 1 ...

    Updated 05-17-2012 at 11:44 AM by arvin100

  3. “If I Could Be Serious For a Moment”

    Ok, I will admit to the deep, dark secret…I like to read. Maybe it is not for everyone I will grant you that, but ever since I was a little tike dragging around Dr. Seuss I have discovered an immeasurable amount of satisfaction sitting down to a good book and getting lost in the pages. Thankfully, there always seems to be a plethora of worlds to choose from in the areas of fiction

    Updated 05-17-2012 at 08:54 AM by scribblerking

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  4. Christian's current WWE Status is really Bad

    we are all know that CHRISTIAN CAGE is one of the best superstars that WWE have today. But do you ever mentioned that WWE misused him?

    BEINg a WHC for 5 days was a big slap for his PEEPs. And during the fued between Christian and Randy Orton, WWE makes Randy ...

    HEY GUYS...I'm Arvin and i'm just a newbie here but I'm an avid wrestling fan....and i think this the time to express my opinion about saving WWE. We are all know that WWE was not entertaining as before and while i'm watching WWE every week, it seems too boring every week (except some segments with the main eventers) especially SMACKDOWN.

    I'm just sharing my visions and opinions ...
  6. How to Regain a Loyal Fan - (Pt6) Allow me to tell you who/what I like

    Yes! Yes! YES! Finally the ‘E Universe’ has listened to something outside the merchandising department, Social Media scores, and the Nielsen ratings. It wasn’t about what was the hot ticket item on sale, nor was it about a guy who fit the “typical” mold of what a cookie cut, made for TV “wrestler” was supposed to look like. Danielson was destined for greatness before he
  7. Yes? Yes? Yes? The Raw Review

    Lawsuits and firings.

    WWE has been treading the line between sports entertainment and televised business model since CM Punk delivered his infamous shoot promo last summer, and tonight was an example of what Punk was talking about when he mentioned arse-kissing and yes-men (Daniel Bryan pun not intended). In short, the majority of tonight’s Raw left me scrolling through Twitter as
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  8. Top 20 best Diva moments/matches in the history of WWE!!

    My last blog featured the 10 best rivalries of all-time in the Divas division. Which of course means beginning in 1998-present. Moolah, Madusa, and so forth were not considered or were called Divas during their time. So don't expect them to make this list.

    1.HHH/Trish vs Rock/Lita Raw main event-I believe the first time Divas were ever featured in the main event which is why it is #1. ...

    Updated 05-11-2012 at 09:16 PM by TheGreatOne (title)

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  9. An Overview of the Injured List - What Do We Have to Look Forward To?

    I don't think I've ever done one of these blogs before - I honestly can't remember. But whatever, after reading some threads on the forums, I got to thinking abotu some of the guys we have on the injured list of an already cluttered roster, and started wondering where they will even fit once it's time for them to come back.

    Wade Barrett

    First of all, there is the season 1 ...
  10. How to Regain a Loyal Fan pt. 5 - Don't insult my intelligence as a fan

    Do you know why so many fans have remained loyal to Paul Heyman? The man always put us first. Look up his first reaction to Sabu “No Showing” an event. The man always made sure we knew the truth behind the injuries to his performers. The man fought without conviction when he felt as though they weren’t giving US the best wrestling program possible, even when faced with network executives
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