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  1. My WWE Pay-Per-View Line Up

    Hello everyone, this is my first blog on this site and I thought I'd start off with something simple: my idea for what I believe to be a decent pay-per-view schedule for WWE.

    First off, I went with 10 PPVs. I didn't work out the exact dates on the calendar or anything, but my reasoning was that this would allow for longer build-ups, especially for the major PPVs like 'Mania and Summerslam. ...

    Updated 03-22-2013 at 11:14 AM by Frank

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  2. Top Feud in Wrestling Currently.

    What do you think of when you hear “best feud going in the wrestling business today”? Does the idea of CM Punk vs. The Undertaker come to mind? Is it Redemption vs. Greatness that you think about? Perhaps you think about Bully Ray vs. Hulk Hogan, S.C.U.M. vs. ROH, or CZW wrestlers vs. Law Enforcement Officials. No matter what comes to mind first, there is a number 1 feud that immediately pops into ...
  3. Nature vs Nurture

    Here's an idea to chew on...

    People always complain that this generation is nothing compared to the 00's or the 90's. Why is this? My theory is simply because of how young talent is treated today vs how they were treated in the past.

    Take this into account, today more than ever you hear either the fans or the older wrestlers themselves trying to mold the current wrestlers ...
  4. The State of the WWE

    Okay, so I know I am new to the site, but back in the day I was as avid a wrestling fan as there ever was. I remember watching Raw with my older brother and always staying up late so I could see The Rock in the main event. Since he has been a key figure in the past couple of years, last month I decided to humor myself in watching the WWE once again. Since that day, I have watch everything but Saturday ...
  5. WrestleMania 29 Preview: The Forgotten Superstars

    With a little more than four weeks to go until WrestleMania 29 invades the Big Apple on Sunday, April 7th, the card looks to be shaping up with the following matches:


    John Cena vs. The Rock

    Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

    The Undertaker vs. CM Punk


    Updated 03-10-2013 at 02:22 PM by Dashing Rachel

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  6. WWE vs TNA: One Mans Opinion

    So for those of you who are long time bloggers, you'll remember me from my series of Uncooked blogs, where I looked at each Raw and talked about them, or the Wrestling Blog Challenge series,, where other bloggers would go up against each other. Well, I'm dabbling back into blogs, who knows, you might even see a few Uncooked blogs from me. For this blog though, I'm taking a look at WWE and TNA, and ...
  7. Reaction: A way to save Wrestlemania 29!

    There are only 2 matches that are 100% certain for Wresltemania so far: Swagger/Del Rio and Rock/Cena 2.

    The Swagger/Del Rio match has got a bit of momentum, but the general feeling around here seems to be that the main event sucks, and It will be boring.

    I'm not gonna list the reasons why the match sucks (that's allready been done plenty of times) instead i'm gonna offer ...

    Updated 03-02-2013 at 10:35 PM by Deadman_87

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  8. IWC: Let your voices be heard

    Rock vs Cena II.

    Yup, it's happening. And there's nothing you can do about it.....

    .....Well, almost nothing.

    It is of no surprise that this rematch is by far the most unanticipated, unwanted rematch in recent wrestling history. As fans on this site and similar wrestling sites have done since getting the idea that such a rematch would take place, we've gone ...
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  9. Kane:The Big Red Machine Not A Clown!

    Hey Guys, This Is My First Blog Ever! And Feel Free To Advise And Give Opinions
    Kane Is My All Time Favorite Wrestler, I've been a fan of him since he debuted at Badd Blood Destroying His Half Brother Undertaker. Their Feud Was A Classic, And If I Remember Correctly It Took 3 Chokeslams And 2 Tombstones To Finish Him For 'Taker At Mania. What Now? YES! YES! YES!, NO! NO! NO!, I'm The Tag Team ...
  10. Babyfaces vs. Heels: Why the WWE tends to favor the babyface?

    It's a forgone conclusion when it comes to getting pushed in the WWE. In the days of the TV-PG era, the babyface is usually the one who tends to be pushed more often than the heels. The reason of course is that babyface Superstars such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Ryback, and even Brodus Clay are getting more wins than their heel counterparts is very simple: the babyfaces are portrayed as superheroes. ...
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