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  1. My Top 15 WrestleMania Matches: Part 2

    Well Splashers, we are back for the second half for my top 15 WrestleMania Matches. In The first half we saw some great matches in the list like: Savage vs Steamboat, Rock vs Hogan, Austin vs Hart, and several others. The New Year is quickly winding down, and everybody is looking to party (Including Yours ...
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  2. Ideas for The Undertaker's WM Streak Match

    Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here bringing another hot topic debate to the EWN Blog scene. This will be another short one and will only focus on The Undertaker and his WM Streak.

    By now, everyone heard HHH basically confirm his rematch with The Undertaker for this year's Wrestlemania, when he gave his speech at the Slammy Awards. Either that, or there will be no Undertaker match, ...
  3. The Streak- Undertakers next opponent

    Firstly I have not included Chris jerhico or Cm punk because I don't think jerhico Is the right person to face undertaker at Wrestlemania and punk had a lengthy feud with him a few years back (I also think they will both be feuding over the wwe title).

    Secondly, I think whoever faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania should lose to *keep his legacy so he can retire 20-0.

    The ...
  4. Oh How Wrestlemania Has Changed.

    Welcome back everyone. Again, thanks for checking out my blog. Someone blogged similar to what I was originally planning so I had to change things up. So, I'll jump right in.

    Just real quick though. Raw was terrible, predictable, and outright lame. I was calling what was going to happen as if I wrote the show myself. The Cena/Zach Ryder segment, The Miz vs Orton, Ziggler vs Sheamus, ...
  5. Taking the venom out of Undertaker vs Sting

    Hi all, quiet day at the office and have been fervently trawling all posts and blogs and a few comments regarding Taker and Wrestlemania have got me thinking. It is fair to assume that Taker will make a comeback/return to the ring in the coming months leading up to ‘mania, and as usual the BIG question is ‘Who will try and end the streak?’.

    It is no secret Taker is in the twilight ...
  6. How to Fix the Problem of Rock v Cena

    Hi Again, I wasn’t ripped to shreds for my first blog so I figured it would be safe to return with Part II “How to Fix the Problem”

    I will freely admit that my thoughts on this push creative license to the limit, and in all honesty there is no real chance of this ever happening, but with some major twists and returns it could be a MASSIVE build up to Mania. Please accept my apologies ...

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  7. The State of Wrestling...Is the End Near?

    This is my first real attempt at a blog in a public forum. I welcome any comments and I will be posting regarding WWE and TNA leading up to Wrestlemania. I cannot promise that I will be posting after Wrestlemania though.

    I've watched Wrestling for a long time. And while I've seen the emergence of many superstars, and dealt with changing times and different eras. I've never thought I'd ...
  8. The truth about The Rock's return

    Hello wrestling geeks, how are you all today? If you don't know me, I've been writing the odd blog for a few months. It's great fun but something that I have tended to do is write a two parter that may receive some decent feedback when half way done but is sadly enough to not spur me on. I work 10 hour days 5 times a week and do a lot of travel to and from the hell hole itself on top of that, so ...
  9. My Dream WrestleMania card

    WWE Championship
    Triple Threat match
    Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. CM Punk vs. Triple H

    [I]Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Alberto Del Rio via Pinfall after pinning Punk after a Pedigree from Triple H and tossing out Triple H[/I]

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Christian (c) vs. John Cena

    [I]Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champions: ...
  10. Classic Pay Per View : WrestleMania XIX (part 1)

    In my opinion, WrestleMania XIX was the perfect WrestleMania. It was also great to see a Mania outdoors in a stadium again, reminded me of Mania 8 which is a favourite of mine. During the Attitude era years I expected the card of Mania to go into double figures cause it was fricking WrestleMania. WrestleMania 19 only had 9 matches, but it was a supreme card from top to bottom and made me appreciate ...

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