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  1. Undertaker/HHH WrestleMania A Rick Starr blog Splash

    Over the past decades he has been called the Phenom, Bad-Ass, but of course most popular: Dead Man! His WrestleMania streak is almost as legendary as the “Last Outlaw” himself. The Undertaker clearly has more memorable moments in WWF/WWE history than anyone who has come before him.

    While the Undertaker walks in the darkness, this years current opponent, lives for stealing the spotlight ...
  2. The Sting Controversy - A Rick Starr Blog Splash

    This Blog has been edited from it's original version. To see the full blog (though there is not much difference) goto

    It began just under a month ago, With an eerie promo of a deserted house, on a dark and rainy night. Heavy footsteps slowly crept up to the house, and several distorted faces reflected through the rainy window...or so we thought. At the end, ...
  3. Big Dave's Predictions for Wrestlemania

    WWE Championship

    The Miz(c) vs John Cena

    This match is a lock as far as I’m concerned, if the Miz doesn’t beat Jerry Lawler I shall smash my TV. Cena is bound to win the Raw Elimination Chamber also after he was eliminated by the Miz in the rumble.

    Predicted Winner: John Cena. Vince will want to end Mania on a happy note and what better way to send ...
  4. My Wrestlemania 27 Card

    Ok this is my "Realistic" card or call it my wish card.
    ok il add the MITB Match since im not sure if theyl have it.

    First Match

    Money In The Bank Ladder Match
    Dolph Ziggler, Tyler Reks, Drew Mcintyre, Big Show , John Morrison, R Truth, Mark Henry , Tyson Kidd

    2nd Match

    U.S Title:
    Daniel Bryan Vs Ted DiBiase ...
  5. Who Will Undertakers face in Wrestlemania 27?

    in all likliness it will be Christian to make his return and win. to then go on and face Edge at mania, fallowing a Edge and Christian tag team angle, where Edge will once again turn again turn heal.

    Dont expect it will be Kane either, his previous rivalry with taker dragged on long enough and was becoming boring.

    Chris Jericho? seems like a good a idea, i mean the guy ...

    Updated 01-14-2011 at 05:34 PM by Frank

  6. Top 5 Stars that could win the 2011 Royal Rumble/Money in The Bank

    Hey guys hope all is well, just laying down some of my predictions for the royal rumble and this year's wrestlemania money in the bank ladder match


    5. Chris JerichoThis is a possibility seeing as Jericho will be a hall of famer, one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots. He's literally done it all which includes a record 9-time intercontinental ...
  7. WWE's mistakes of 2010. How to correct them in time for Wrestlemania 27.

    Wassup Peeps, thanks for clicking and please leave feedback

    I have realized a few key mistakes wwe has made in 2010 and I'm giving my insight on how to correct these mistakes before Wrestlemania 27 so it can actualy be good this year

    Mistake 1: Cena not turing heel at survivor series
    This was a huge mistake on the wwe's part. Basically for the past 7 years minus ...

    Updated 01-04-2011 at 04:37 AM by knox

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  8. WrestleMania 27 Card and Predictions

    TV-14 (Something I will blog about later, which i feel very strongly needs to be brought back)

    To start it off i would like to see
    1) Kaval(IC champ) vs Daniel Bryan(US Champ)--To Unify the titles
    Winner: Daniel Bryan

    2)Money In the Bank(Traditional 6-Man)
    --John Morrison, Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston,Drew Mcyintre, Christian

    Updated 11-27-2010 at 01:35 PM by Frank

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