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  1. Booking The Tag Team Championships Pt. 1

    Whats up everyone, this is R0YALTY with my blogging debut. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and will continue to as I make more.

    As many of you know, there’s actually been some interesting things happening with the usually boring WWE Tag Team Division (recently). It’s come to my attention that with these things, WWE could make a fairly good Tag Team Division comeback if they play ...
  2. WWE Monday Night Raw 6/18/12 Review

    Mick Foley Segment

    I was legitimately surprised to see Mick Foley come out to start Raw as I didn't know Raw was in Mick's hometown of Long Island.

    For me its always nice to see Mrs. Foley's baby boy and it was interesting to find out from him that former General Managers will be hosting Raw and Smackdown each week over
  3. WWE No Way Out 2012 Review

    World Heavyweight Championship Match

    Dolph Ziggler proved in this match that he has the ability to be in a World Title match where he and the champion are the focus.

    This match had a big time feel to it and rightfully so because it was great. Sheamus and Ziggler were both on top of their game and have actually developed
  4. The Matches & Segment At No Way Out 2012

    Based on the announced matches and Triple H's segment, I am going to show you what order I would put them in from the important opening-match to the coveted main-event.

    Match One: Intercontinental Championship Match
    Christian (c) vs. Cody Rhodes

    Match Two: Divas Championship Match
    Layla (c) vs. Beth Phoenix ...

    Updated 06-16-2012 at 05:05 PM by Frank

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  5. TNA Impact 6/14/12 Review


    X Division Title Match

    This was a three way Ultimate X Match that saw Austin Aries defending his title against Zema Ion and Chris Sabin. Sounds good on paper right? Well surprisingly and unfortunately that didn't translate into real life success because this match was an absolute mess.

    Some of that COULD be attributed to an apparent

    Updated 06-14-2012 at 11:56 PM by Brendan

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  6. my NO WAY OUT predictions. nwo

    NO WAY OUT predictions

    Steel cage match-john cena & Big show
    i know people are not excited about this match but i think that it can give us something to work with and it wont be that bad to watch. But even though im a big cena fan i think some how big show will snatch the victory.

    World championship match- Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio?
    i heard about ADR ...

    Updated 06-11-2012 at 03:17 AM by wweaus

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  7. RAW needs to lift its game

    i watch raw and smackdown every single week and im a very big fan.
    But what really disapionts me is the quality in matches. i know that they cant go ppv quality on the shows but they can give us better matches then cena vs cole or brodus clay squishing opponents in 5 seconds.

    i think that they can at least give the superstars 5 or 6 minutes to produce somthing better than an 1 ...

    Updated 06-10-2012 at 11:05 PM by wweaus

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  8. What if? (Bruiser Brody)

    Bruiser Brody died on July 18, 1988 due to a stab wound given to him by Jose Gonzales (Invader 1) while wrestling an event for World Wrestling Council (A promotion started by Carlos Colón, father of Carlito and Primo. Uncle to Epico). Brody bled to death on an operating table in Puerto Rico. Jose Gonzalez was acquitted on all counts of the crime after Colon testified on his behalf. No American wrestler ...
  9. How to Regain a Loyal Fan - The Art of Story Telling

    When the Connecticut Blueblood faced off against Rocky Maivia during Monday Night Raw in 1997, we saw a match between two future wrestling legends for a belt that had great value. The build for the match wasn’t done through video packages and mic work. The story of the young underdog overcoming the pretty boy heel for his first WWF title was accomplished through story telling wrestling.

    Updated 05-25-2012 at 04:21 AM by Frank

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  10. The ShadowEffect: A blog on ROH...

    Hey guys, it's me Zach again. I have written a blog in awhile. But I want to thank everyone for reading the two blogs that I have posted. I've been really busy with school and life in general. Hetic life, but it hasn't kept me from watching wrestling. Especially Ring of Honor. I have been watching WWE and I want to commend them for giving us CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan on PPV. It was a fantastic match ...
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