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  1. The Wrestling Backfire: The TNA Brochure (Austin Aries, Hulk Hogan, Bobby Roode)

    Destination X Quick ResultsMason Andrew defeated Dakota Darsow, Lars Only and Rubix in a last chance x-division qualifier.Mason Andrew defeated Kid Kash to advance to the x-division finals.Kenny King defeated Doug Williams to advance to the x-division finals.Sonjay Dutt defeated Rashard Cameron to advance to the x-division finals.Zema Ion defeated Flip Cassanova to advance to the x-division finals.
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  2. decker's_discussions 1

    In my first entry of decker's_discussions I will be discussing the upcoming 2012 Money In The Bank Pay Per View and my thoughts on the idea of only having former WWE Champions compete in one of the ladder matches..... In 2011 the Money In The Bank PPV was far and away the best show of the year. It had emotion, power, and that all important "buzz" thanks to CM Punk and that now famous "shoot". ...
  3. Kurt Angle and Daniel Puder

    Today there was an article on this very website that recapped an interview with former WWE Tough Enough winner, Daniel Puder. One of the topics Puder discussed during the course of this interview was the incident between himself and Kurt Angle during a Tough Enough segment on an episode of Smackdown back in 2004.

    Now Puder seems to be getting a lot ...

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  4. How to Regain a Loyal Fan - Bring back the JUICE!

    Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13. Yes, I started this week’s blog with a fragment, but my point is sound. If you want to know why and how blood can be used in a way to further character development, enhance an angle, and help build a megastar, look no further than this example. The image of Austin’s last bit of strength being exerted to power out of the Sharp Shooter is on
  5. People Who Belong In The WWE Hall Of Fame

    WWE Hall of Fame logo.jpg
    I have probably left a few names off, but I think I did a pretty good job and I hope you can appreciate me choosing a lot of older wrestlers who would help legitimize the WWE Hall Of Fame.

    Lou Thesz

    When all was said and done, Lou Thesz had six NWA World Title runs during a time when the belt wasn't passed around like a hot potato, in fact

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  6. The Resh says...

    Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to the inaugural blog, the beginning of an era. Welcome to "The Resh says:"

    For starters, The Resh says...I don't know why I'm seeing all of these regulars in the blog world are deciding to hang it up. I just read one is quitting because it is becoming to flooded with top 10 lists, repetitive complaints, and
  7. How to Regain a Loyal Fan - Pt 8 What's my Worth?

    Let me set this blogs tone. I wrote this before taking my vacation this year. Slammiversary live was EPIC! I didn’t see the show through the big screen yet, so let me know how the show came across to those who bought it, or watched it online. I can tell you from being in the crowd; it was pure energy from the Joe/Aries match until Sting demolished Roode to end the show. Now, to the blog –
  8. WWE Monday Night Raw 6/25/12 Review


    AJ Backstage Segment

    I thought that this little segment helped put over that AJ really is a "crazy chick." I'm also loving the fact that a Diva is part of one of the top storylines in WWE, in fact she might even be the best part.

    Triple-Threat Elimination Match

    Interesting match to start Raw and I'm most certainly ...
  9. WWE Smackdown 6/22/2012 Review

    smackdown logo.jpg
    Opening Segment

    I thought that this was a good start to Smackdown. I'm actually starting to like the Big Show as Heel because he seems to finally be showing some passion for what he does and his Promos have been fairly solid. Show just needs to start cendencing his Promos because he takes too much time to get his point across.

    Brodus Clay ...
  10. There Should Be No Rush With Cody Rhodes Career

    A lot of wrestling fans have been clamoring for Cody Rhodes to win one of the Money In The Bank Briefcases next month when a Pay-Per-View of the same name takes place.

    They want this because being the owner of said Briefcase all but guarantees you are going to win a World Championship very soon, but my reply would be, whats the ...

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