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  1. How do you pick your favorite wrestlers?

    On the forums, from time to time they ask who are you top 5 favorite wrestlers right now. You see a bunch of lists and you wonder why they select those guys. Purpose of this blog is simply to give the formula to become one of my favorite wrestlers, why do I choose them, and so on. I want to hear others opinions as well, so leave that in the comment section below. How do I pick my favorite wrestlers: ...
  2. The Slammy Awards: How it Should Be

    On a Wikipedia hit one day, I stumbled on the Slammy Awards page. And my reading confirmed what I thought. The Slammy’s sucked. Back in 1997, it was cool. Now, it plain sucks. But it really doesn’t need to be, with a little effort. So I thought I’d pen my own version of the Slammy Awards, from January 2012 to the present day.

    Superstar of the Year:
    John Cena
    Randy Orton ...
  3. The DREW Review: What to do with Orton

    Hey everyone this is my first blog and hopefully it is enjoyed.
    Anywho Orton is getting stale its one of the many things I keep reading. This is the year I would love to see Orton have.
    Keep up with the current story with Orton and Sheamus teaming, having them lose to Big Show and Mark Henry in tag, and one on one matches and have Orton start showing his frustration more and more as ...

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  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    One week from what I’m dubbing the anniversary of this blog, and WWE has decided to up its game in the weeks heading to London. In the seven days since THAT crowd, the fans, the storylines, and the product seem to be reinvigorated after a humdrum WrestleMania.

    Between the calls for the New Jersey crowd to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, the worldwide trend of “Fandangoing” ...
  5. Random Thoughts: The Honeymoon is Over & Another Raw

    Oh boy, there’s trouble in paradise people.

    The Honeymoon is Over
    So, everyone probably read the dirt sheets by now. As every suspected, there appears to be more to the injury than originally told. And it makes it look more and more like The Rock deliberately put the WWE in a tight spot by never trying to reach out to them that he was leaving. And it looks as though The Rock ...

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  6. Ideas on what the WWE should, but wont do.

    Hello everybody and thanks for taking a look. this will be my fist blog in about a year and a half??? and my first on this site. So every now and then i want to do a blog on what these guys at the WWE should but probably wont do.

    For my first i want to take a look at Kofi Kingston. I love this guy and he is a very talented entertainer. Theres so much they could do with Kofi but dont. ...
  7. Who will dethrone Bully Ray

    Hey guys, Shirty88 here just wanting to get your thoughts and opinions on the TNA World Heavyweight Championship scene.

    Now, I've been wondering for a few weeks about Bully Ray as the TNA world champion. While I feel that the swerve at Lockdown was played out well it was extremely predictable and it got me to thinking about who Ray could fued with. There's no way TNA are going to let ...
    Tags: bfg, bully ray, tna
  8. My Ideal WWE Title Situation

    Hello everyone. This blog is going to be about what I think would be an ideal Championship situation in WWE, and by that I mean what titles do I think they should have, rather than the current setup.

    Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Championship
    This is the big one, I think we need one world champion. The World Heavyweight Championship has lost a lot of its prestige, and the brand extension ...
  9. RE: Booking Challenge: WM 30

    Hi everybody! I was reading the blogs and came across TheGreatOne’s WM 30 booking challenge. I figured I’d throw my two cents out there because I’m always up for some good ol’ fashioned fantasy booking. I tried to follow the rules as best I can, but there are a couple of wildcards I had to get in there. I know it’s highly unlikely any of this will happen, but it is all stuff I’d like to ...
  10. Who should take the title off Cena?

    Hey, this is Dennis back with another blog for you guys! This time I'm doing another duel blog but this time with my friend Kendon. I hope you guys like the subject matter we decided to discuss and as always feel free to tell us what you think and how we could improve.

    Who do you think should take the belt off John Cena?

    Dennis: John Cena is the most controversial superstar ...

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