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  1. WWE's List Top 50 of All Time

    Been a while since I've blogged about anything but coming across the top 50 wrestlers of all time, and Kurt Angle's comments I'd have to say I agree... here's the list:

    1. Shawn Michaels
    2. The Undertaker
    3. Steve Austin
    4. Bret Hart
    5. The Rock
    6. Harley Race
    7. Ricky Steamboat
    8. Andre the Giant
    9. Rey Mysterio
    10. Roddy ...

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  2. Brand Split Over?

    I have been calling for it for years. I wanted this damn brand split to end. I am tired of two "top dogs" and meaningless tag titles. I want the old days back. I want the days where the WWE Champion meant something. I want the days there being top dog meant you were the TOP DAMN DOG. I want the days where the mid-card was a mid-card and not just 14 former world champions waiting for their ...
  3. What makes a "Great" World Champion?

    What's goin on EWN nation. I'm back once again with my second blog & I gotta say I got some really great responses on the previous one sooooo I thought I'd give it another shot. Please feel free to leave opinions, comments, & thoughts afterwards, they all are greatly appreciated. With that being said... I just wanted to talk a little bit about "great" world champions. What makes ...

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  4. A Passion Renewed

    It wasn't until recently when I just happened to flip by Monday Night Raw that my interest in professional wrestling began to grow again. Sure I had semi payed attention, off and on, for the past few years, but this was something else. This renewed interest isn't just a need/want to watch Raw on Mondays. This renewed interest instead was a passion, one that I haven’t felt in almost ten ...
  5. Ideas to improve the WWE

    Hello everyone . This is my first entry and I wanted to devote it to ideas that I think will actually improve the WWE. As we all know unfortunately the WWE hasn't been producing the most splendid shows as of late, but I think that with a few key, realistic changes the WWE can begin to regain the trust of fans.

    Reduce the number of Championships-

    This is something that ...

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  6. Wrestling Hot Topics Part Deux

    Hello all! I'm back with another edition of Wrestling Hot Topics. I'd like to start by thanking everyone who read my first blog. It is greatly appreciated. Now onto some topics!

    Topic 1: TNA

    As promised I'm going to talk a little about TNA. There's no specific point or opinion I'm trying to make, rather just some general observations. I haven't been watching TNA all that ...
  7. The WWE Conspiracy

    I want to start off by saying this new storyline between new WWE COO Triple H/ CM Punk/Kevin Nash has got my interest peeked to a whole new level.

    Nash’s return at Summerslam and the overall direction of this storyline is very unpredictable – something that really hasn’t been seen on WWE TV in a long time.

    Many believe the direction with this whole ...

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  8. Built to Fail: Evil Sin Cara

    The sudden and unexpected heel turn of Sin Cara caught me, and I’m willing to bet most of you who will read this, by surprise. The only reason the change carried any weight, however, is because it's so easy to see how badly this is going to end.

    Given this past Tuesday's Super SmackDown results, I can only surmise two realistic outcomes from this revelation:

    1. ...

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  9. Where have all the characters gone?

    Hey guys, this is my first blog so i'm not sure if it'll be anything decent but i'll give it a go.

    I was reading a blog earlier about "gimmicks" (which i thought was a good blog) and this made me remember a thought I have had for a while now...Where are all the characters in the WWE? What I mean by this is in my opinion alot of the strong characters and personalitys have ...
  10. Is CM Punk Getting Stale??

    Disclaimer: I like CM Punk. I like him a lot. He may be my favorite wrestler currently...HOWEVER i hate to say it but im getting the impression that his promos are getting quite stale.

    When Punk gave that awesome promo a few months ago on Raw, it was completely unexpected and Punk took it to the extremes. He delved into the inner workings of the WWE and really voiced the sentiment of ...

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