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  1. There Is Still Hope For John Morrison

    Hello Readers. I just finished watching a video that made me smile. It is a YouTube video by John Morrison himself. If you have not seen it yet, take a second to scroll down and watch it before reading the rest of this blog.

    So why did this video make me smile?

    Since he debuted as Johnny Nitro, ...

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  2. How I would Run TNA...Realistically

    Hey Everyone. I watched Smackdown and Michael Cole is so annoying, that I have nothing to say about it except he ruins the show. Clearly, he ruins the show. Think about how annoying some of the heel talents are. Vicki Guerrero, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer...and now, think of having to listen to them, all show long, on both shows. That's what it's like having Michael Cole ...

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  3. The Hulk Hogan problem.

    In the 80's there was no bigger draw or star in wrestling than Hulk Hogan. He was a real life super hero and he never seemed to lose. He beat heal after heal and had long lasting title runs that you dont see anymore. But than after a few years something went wrong...Hulk Hogan was a real life super hero who never got beat. He had the same moves and spouted the same rhetoric and his matches always ...
  4. Blog from Scotland, My Perspective of the WWE

    So I've been wanting to start one of these blog thingies for a while and I've read a lot of really well informed and interesting ones on here, so tonight I've decided to kick off a (hopefully) weekly blog with various thoughts, opinions and musings on the state of the sport of professional past, present and future.

    To start off with I've decided to talk about my experiences as a pro ...

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  5. My pick of WWE Slammy Award 2011 Winners

    My pick of WWE Slammy Award 2011 Winners

    Hi everyone.This is my 10th blog in EWN,so I decided to make this one a bit different from my other blogs.In this blog I will say all the awards WWE usually pick and say who I think it would go to,If I have missed some tell me so I can add it to my blog.

    Shocker of the year:Vince no longer CEO

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  6. WWE Dropping The Ball On Titles

    This is my second blog. I'm gonna try to become a regular blogger around here so I hope you enjoy.

    We all know WWE is dropping the ball on the tag team,mid card,and even the women's championships. This is a bad decision business wise because championships and great championship matches sell and make stars. Allow me to break it down.

    1.Great PPV Selling Points
    Championship ...
  7. Top 5 Heels of 2011

    In this blog i'll be talking about the top 5 heels this year. I based my list on:
    -The impact they made
    -In ring ability
    -Mic skills
    -how much they're hated

    5. Mark Henry

    Mark Henry needed to turn heel, he'd been jobbing for ages when suddenly he becomes ...

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  8. If I Were To Run TNA Wrestling

    Greetings EWrestlingNews Community,
    I've been thinking a lot about TNA Wrestling lately. Especially with the current state of how bad WWE's booking has been. Now granted, TNA isn't making the best booking decisions either, but I got to thinking; if Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling wanted a legitimate chance to compete with World Wrestling Entertainment on a weekly basis, I believe that this ...
  9. My Own 2011 Slammy Awards

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again. The Slammy Awards are looming around the corner and I for one am somewhat excited. Not Wrestlemania excited, or last day of school excited, but I'm kinda looking forward to it. I think it's a good year end tradition and I'm glad WWE brought it back. I think they should do it and KOTR in the same night but that's a whole other blog. Anyway I was gonna ...

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  10. John Cena: It's Make It Or Break It At Wrestlemania 28. GET REAL.

    I'm sure my loyal readers have been yearning for a blog on John Cena. Here it is. Fresh out the box.

    As we draw closer to Wrestlemania 28, the talks surrounding The Rock and John Cena have started to re-emerge. The excitement over a possible heel turn for John Cena, or a revamp of his character at the very least, has fans drooling at the mouth. I, for one, thought the Piper's Pit ...

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