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  1. Do we really HATE John Cena???

    So lets just get strait into this! My question/theory is do people actually realy hate John Cena (i know some really do) or do the majority of people love to hate him?

    First of lets see where it all went wrong for supper Cena. When John Cena started with that ruthless aggression stunt with Kurt Angle and showed a good showing and then went on to win three US Titles and feud with Brock ...
  2. The Double Edge Sword #01: Brock Lesnar

    Hey, I haven't done a blog here in awhile so I figured I try something different. I figured I'd do a series that would look at the pros and cons of certain issues, wrestlers, and anything else relevant to the sport and entertainment of wrestling. I figured I'd tackle a recent topic in the wrestling world; Brock Lesnar's return to the WWE. Is it good for business or is it just for a cheap thrill? ...

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  3. 10 personal favorite moments in Smackdown history

    Smackdown began in the fall of 1999 and is still going strong in 2012. Havn't watched Smackdown since Christian lost the World title to Randy Orton, but I still watch Raw, TNA, and ROH. In any case, Smackdown has had its shares of big and terrible moments. I did the Raw version and now will do the Smackdown. I'm going to leave it out obvious moments such as tribute to the troops, First smackdown episode, ...
  4. Big Show's IC reign: Who I like to see him feud with

    Hey blog readers. After seeing Wrestlemania 28, I have to say that it was one of the best Wrestlemania shows of all time. Seriously, it was worth the buy but I'll save that for another conversation. Today, I want to talk about Big Show's Intercontinental reign and the wrestlers I would like to see him start feuds with over the Intercontinental title.


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  5. Blog Wars 18: Top 6 Managers/Valets

    Welcome back to Blog Wars! Sorry for the wait but this episode will be an exciting match up. First off, I'd like to annouce that Blog Wars is an official sponsor of the EWA. As the sponsor I will do a small column at the bottom of the blog introducing 1 talent to the masses each week. Now before I begin I'd like to say that on the 20th episode of Blog Wars I will change my format some. Top 5 ...
  6. The Importance of Lockdown.

    The Importance of TNA Lockdown

    So lets have a look at the Impact (excuse the pun! ) TNA Lockdown COULD have on the rest of TNA’s Year and on its history.

    The event is heavily promoted around “Home Grown” talent and could become a turning point in TNA’s struggle for Status

    The Lockdown Pay Per View
    Lockdown has always been a huge event in ...
  7. The Legend of Andy Kaufman

    It has now been 30 years since Andy Kaufman walked into the wrestling world and grabbed it by throat. Over the last three decades, Kaufman's legend has only continued to grow. Weather it was him challenging women to matches for his prestigious 'Inter-gender World Championship,' or getting the crap smacked out of him by Jerry 'The King' Lawler on the David Letterman show, Kaufman was in your face.
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  8. Who's Next!!

    First of i would like to state this is not a blog about Goldberg! Even though i will mention him later!

    Recently there have been some returning wrestlers to the WWE which in my opinion has brought back some of the "good old days" and with the stars that stuck around, the young talent and future stars things are looking good! However in this blog i would like to just brainstorm ...
  9. The SmackDown Question

    Hi Guys! This blog isn't really a review of SmackDown this week, as such, but more of a general rant/discussion about the show itself.

    Now I don't tend to watch SmackDown but this week I thought I would. Then I remembered why. SmackDown seems to be in an absolute state these days and is nowhere as near as good as the days when it was formed as part of the Brand Extension scheme/story. ...
  10. A look at Extreme Rules.

    Ok, so we all know its only a matter of weeks before another ppv spectacular offering from the WWE. Extreme Rules, possibly headlined by Brock Lesnar vs John Cena.

    In this blog i'm going to be talking about some of the more extreme WWE matches that have taken place in the company, so lets begin shall we?
    Now then, when you think of extreme only three letters come to mind. E..C..W, ...

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